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Koi, with locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and Bangkok offers imaginative dishes that are inspired by traditional Japanese preparations then deconstructed and infused with modern California accents.

The fact that corn or maize has a Japanese name — tōmorokoshi — indicates that it entered the country centuries ago, before it was the norm to import the n

A little while ago a friend of mine who's been living in Japan for few weeks texted me in a bit of a dither, saying, "This guy I barely know said I was swe

The PlayStation 4 home consoles has been more successful than Sony has been expecting since it was launched in Europe and in North America in November...

Over the past five years, cycling has become a go-to means of transport in Japan. To de-clutter sidewalks full of parked bikes, one Tokyo company is taking parking underground.

Our Venn Food Diagram series has studied the people of Thailand, Armenia, Vietnam and most recently California, comparing what they actually eat with what Angelenos believe they eat. In this edition, we turn our attention to Japan, looking past ramen and sushi to see what foods Angelenos have left to...

For decades now, Japanese vending machines have served up an array of interesting, mundane, and useful things. Things like manga. Or bread in a can. Or illicit substances. Or video game piracy cartridges.

Like many people who moved to Tokyo in their youth, most of the time I’ve spent in Japanese taxi cabs has been directly preceded by heavy drinking. In the country’s urban centers, people primarily get around by train and subway. However, both of them stop running around midnight (for now?), at which time you can se ...

The application deadline is always February 1 11:59 ET. For instructions on how to apply, guidelines and criteria, and application forms, please click here: If you submit your application cover sheet by February 1, you will receive your username and password on February 22nd. You will have until March 1 to upload your materials and submit your letters of recommendation. PLEASE NOTE: Application cover sheets submitted…

After a 900-mile road trip and 50 laps around Summit Point's Shenandoah racetrack, the RC F makes a strong case for itself. This car deserves a second look.

The latest version of blockbuster videogame "Grand Theft Auto" may have stoked a worldwide buying frenzy, but the ultra-violent offering is likely to be a minnow in Japan's vast gaming market. Shoot-em-up offerings from abroad often struggle to gain traction in the multi-billon-dollar Japanese videogame sector where fantasy-style games reign…

When approached by fans, Hayao Miyazaki, acclaimed director of award winning movies such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke, always refuses to sign autographs. It wasn’t always like that, but one specific event made him shy away from putting pen to paper for his admirers. A separate, unrelated event convinced h ...

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A big, barking dog can be intimidating at the best of times. Even more so perhaps when it's standing next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Lil Tokyo is Friendly, Casual & locally owned Japanese Restaurant in Myrtle Beach served full sushi bar & hibachi performance with large selection of sake

For over a century, the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC have heralded the arrival of Spring. This year, the cherry blossoms take on special m...