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Cass Calder Smith of CCS Architecture answers our questions on his firm's design of the new Omakase-style Japanese restaurant in the Park South Hotel.

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Samurai still maintains the longest sushi bar in Southern California since 1979. All the master chefs have over 30 years of experience.

For the first time ever, Japan is challenging Scotland for whisky dominance, and consumers are the winners.

Experience the unique blend of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine--set in breathtaking architecture and design--that is SUSHISAMBA.

EN Japanese Brasserie, located at 435 Hudson st. New York, NY, aims to set the standard for contemporary Japanese dining with a modern version of Izakaya, traditional pub fare, served in a stylish, grand setting.

Koi restaurant is the premiere dining location for the most enjoyable Chinese & Japanese cusine in Evanston, Chicago.

An acclaimed Copenhagen restaurant—and its entire staff—has moved to Tokyo. The chef explains.

As a cosmopolitan port city that’s a short ferry ride from South Korea’s Busan, Fukuoka has long served as an Asian gateway to Japan. It’s been also one of leading cities of southern Japan, and has recently emerged as a powerful startup hub that’s changing the Japanese economy.

Japan's ageing population has seen scientists want to redefine when somebody is old.

Muten Kurazushi Sushi restaurants are taking automated dining to the next level with food “bullet trains,” massive washing machines, and bills that are tallied via microchips. Watch it here.

After a 900-mile road trip and 50 laps around Summit Point's Shenandoah racetrack, the RC F makes a strong case for itself. This car deserves a second look.

Pavilion for Japanese Art
June 11, 2016–December 18, 2016
Japanese Painting: From the Zen Mind explores various approaches to Zen subjects, from the teachings of Zen and the experience of enlightenment to personal interpretations of Zen masters or paragons. The practice of Zen consists of meditation and direct transmission of knowledge from teacher to pupil, leading through personal effort toward enlightenment. As an active, participatory religion…

Get inspired to see how Japanese students operate their lunch period! You can see why "lunch period" is placed as a learning period in Japanese schools. Dire...

Visit Kanki, a Japanese and sushi restaurant with three Triangle locations in Raleigh, North Raleigh, Durham. We specialize in teppanyaki and specialty sushi.

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In addition to the basic 4 senses of taste – sweet, sour, salt, and bitter, our tongues possess the ability to detect a unique fifth quality. Since ancient Rome, talented chefs have created dishes satisfying this fifth sense of taste which eludes clear description – a sense of savory which appeals to our intuitive desire …

Far to the north end of Japan, the island prefecture of Hokkaido boasts a rich legacy of regional cooking. The northern climate, with its rugged winters and moderate summers, yields bountiful crops of fresh produce, locally grown meats, and fresh-caught seafood. Regional specialties include barbecued lamb and vegetables (Jingisukan), miso ramen, Pacific salmon nabe, and yakitori. …

The origins of this recipe are incredibly simple—leftover rice with hot water, broth, or tea poured over. We started there, then kept going. All of the finishing touches (ginger, furikake, and nori) make this feel less like a snack and more like a balanced dish.