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Firewood can harbor insects, from boring beetles to carpenter ants. You can minimize insect problems by collecting and storing your firewood properly.

Police said that the suspect had been in a relationship with a woman who lived in the apartment and it wasn’t a random act.

Stock your firewood in a DIY log rack, and you'll be set for the season. Get inspired to build by checking out these 5 storage designs.

Stack your firewood at least 20-30 feet away from the exterior of your home to keep pests from invading your house.

When it comes to buying firewood, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) has two pieces of advice.

Watch this short step-by-step guide on how to store firewood this fall and winter. This is part two of our three-part holiday pest-proofing video series. View part one here .

Use these tips to keep pests away from firewood and learn about the dos and don'ts of storing firewood.

November is ushering the colder, wetter days that precede the onset of winter. Many homeowners with fireplaces have already enjoyed..

On a cold New England night, when the snow swirls around outside, there is nothing nicer than to relax by a glowing fireplace and sip on a cup of something…

As the weather gets cold and fireplace and woodstove activity starts to increase, you should be aware of the danger associated with transporting firewood.

We never suggest that someone spray pesticide on wood that is later going to be burned in a living space. In fact, you won’t find any pesticides that allow that use on the label. That means it would be illegal for you to use the product on firewood. Don’t Spray Pesticide on That Infested Firewood

Follow these tips to avoid bringing termites, carpenter ants, spiders, cockroaches, millipedes, and other pests into your house with the firewood.

We’ve reached the final article in our cause for termite control series. Today we’ll be closing out with firewood and how it can be an attractant to termites. So, let’s get started on part 6 of our termite control series. Get your FREE INSPECTION and Quote Today! Don’t be bullied by pests ACT NOW! Firewood …

Be careful of what you bring in the house. Shaking firewood before you bring it in is one way for scorpions control. Contact Slug-A-Bug today

Nebraska residents needing to buy firewood this winter are being asked to purchase locally harvested wood to keep plant diseases and insects from spreading to the state.

There is nothing like a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day! But did you know that many pests feed and find shelter in the wood you bring in your home? The best approach is to minimize the opportunity for these pests to make it inside. Here are some tips that can help avoid pest …

The emerald ash borer is an invasive pest that kills ash trees by burrowing into the trunks of the trees and laying their eggs

I have seen it a few times, people bring in firewood and all of a sudden we have PowderPost Beetles or something else coming out of the wood. I have also seen the Arizona …

Fall and winter are the perfect times to cozy up to a blazing fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Or maybe with a glass of wine and someone you love. Or maybe with the kids or grandkids & a fun game. No matter the occasion, any time spent by a crackling, wood-burning fireplace makes for an enjoyable occasion. Just make sure that whether you chopped the wood yourself or picked some up at the store on your way…