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The National Association of Federal Credit Unions’ (NAFCU) regulatory compliance team today launched a new Compliance Cyber Café enewsletter, which offers a collection of the latest cyber developments and related items from the perspective of a compliance officer. “NAFCU’s Compliance Cyber Café enewsletter is an assortment of compliance insights on cyber issues,” said NAFCU Director of …

A growing number of 'teen science cafes' across the country offer a way for students to ask questions of real scientists in an out-of-school setting.

Discover Houston's featured cafes and bakeries for sweets and desserts including cupcakes, pies, donuts, macarons, candy, specialty ice cream and more.

The coffeehouse giant plans several stores in Milan. But Italian coffeehouse owners aren't particularly worried. As one told us, they're not even in the same business.

Companion is an artisan bread baker in St. Louis, with product available in our three cafés and local groceries and fine eateries across the country.

Organic juice and smoothie cafe Daily Juice is set to open three locations in the Nashville area.

Jersey has some great beach cafes to match the beautiful beaches, in fact some of them are so good we locals eat in them
Here's your bacon butty, big mug of tea, Jersey ice cream, full English breakfast master chefs Top 10:
Right on the beach at the La Haule slipway on St Aubin's Bay . Very good Eggs Benedict for breakfast and nice seafood lunches. Nicer at high tide
Cakes are specially recommended.
Unassuming, friendly small cafe…

In its latest divergence from corporate parent Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee expects to open thousands of small drive-thru-only cafes across suburbia.

To mark World Poetry Day, more than a thousand coffee establishments around the world will use poetry as their currency this Saturday

Starbucks has started banning smoking within 25 feet of its 7,000 Starbucks locations in the U.S. and Canada. Smoking is banned even at shops with outside seating.

Panera plans to launch more Panera Cares cafes adding to cafes being opened by churches, community groups and others.

ALBANY — The state Senate threw dog owners a tasty bone Wednesday by passing a bill that allows their pooches to tag along to outdoor cafes. “It will benefit both owners and patrons,” said Sen. Kem…