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Hum or perhaps beatbox a version of "Do You Know the Way to San Jose?" while checking out this diverse list of South Bay art events coming this fall.

August 25 & 26, 2018, Palo Alto's fine art festival, Italian Street Painters, 300 high-quality fine art and contemporary craft displays, street musicians, 2 stages, kids art studio, gift certificates, gift cards

Downtown Los Altos, One of a kind. Los Altos Village Association, Promoting and enhancing Los Altos Village since 1964.

I'm going to sidestep the question of how we pay for this (and I realize that's a pretty big step) to focus on what's at the core of this: a recognition that community colleges are more than just "high schools with ashtrays", as they've often been called. Way more.

What we do, and how we do it, has to be grounded in the why — our core beliefs about teaching and the language arts. — Linda Rief

By Cathleen Miller
Imagine a lock of your hair having a life of its own—traveling from your head on your deathbed in Vienna to being clipped by a mourner as a remembrance…then, over a century later, carried as a treasured heirloom to an attic hideaway as the mourner’s relatives tried to avoid the Nazi death camps…given to a kind visiting doctor to smuggle out and hide for safety…only to be discovered later by that doctor’s confused wife after his death…eventually sold by the…

At University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Learn the baiscs of using watercolor: tube paint vs. watercolor “cakes”, types of paint brushes, styles of painting, and techniques like creating washes, layering colors, saving the “white” of the paper and many more! $45. Learn more and register here.

Montalvo Arts Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the arts. Our mission is to create and present arts of all types, nurture artists, and use our historic Villa, buildings, and grounds in innovative ways that engage people in the creative process.

'First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump' chronicles the response of creatives in the Bay Area and beyond during the first hundred days of the new administration.

American Conservatory Theater (ACT) developed a pool of young entrepreneurial actors to generate their own theatrical work and provide audience members in their 20s and 30s with live theater experiences
This work began with a question: “Why is it that people in their 20s are entering the theater in record numbers as artists, while their peers are less and less often in the audiences for theater?”…

This summer, NPR's Destination Art series is going off the beaten path to visit small to mid-sized North American cities that have cultivated lively arts scenes. And we want to hear from you! Where's your favorite art hot spot? What makes it unique?

The arts and culture have intrinsic value. They enrich our lives by inviting us to express ourselves in new ways, and connect us through stories of a shared past and present and an imagined future. Through the arts, we can envision the world in new ways
The field of arts, or more generally, creativity and aging, has grown significantly in the past decade thanks to conscious capacity-building efforts of foundations and nonprofits. The field tends to focus on three aspects of the arts…

PBS announced today the broadcast premiere dates for the diverse slate of performing arts specials that will air as part of the 2016 PBS Arts Fall Festival.

12 awesome ways to make the the most of craft time by reducing mess, keeping supplies neat, and teaching your kid proper technique. Share this video and subs...

How involvement in art, music and drama can improve achievement in basic learning skills.

Check This Out: Get tickets and show information for City of Mountain View Performing Arts Committee's High School One-Act Play Festival - Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts