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The Hammer Theatre is a distinctive, high-quality performance venue in the heart of downtown San José. The theatre serves the city's community and San Jose State University through high-quality programming including music, theatre, educational lectures and other performing arts expressive of the unique characteristics and diverse cultures that comprise Silicon Valley.

It's that time of year. Parents need to be registered by 2/14/19 to ascertain their children will have a spot in the desirable Cupertino Schools. Need

Webdesign guidelines change over time. Some things are popular one year, then it will be bad for your site the next. Here are some things to consider for 2019. It doesn't matter if you are starting a new site or maintaining and older site
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Saama Research Engineer, Vaidheeswaran Archana, was recently interviewed by Intel Developer Zone about her work for Saama, technological challenges she has resolved, and her experiences as a woman working in technology. “The seed of discovery and constant innovation drives every technologist or researcher. For some, there is a single moment that changed their perspective of the…

The historic bayside neighborhood transports visitors to the decades before San Jose earned its reputation as the Capital of Silicon Valley. Alviso once served as San Jose’s port city and the now closed Bayside Canning Company (once the 3rd largest cannery in the US) serves as a reminder of that history
Beyond Alviso’s Historic District, exploration awaits at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge…

'Happiness is a warm puppy,' are the words from the world's most famous beagle Snoopy of cartoonist Charles Schultz's famous comic strip 'Peanuts'. Probabl

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Warning: Grass stains ahead. Detroit Tigers prospects went all out in 2018.

A Vietnam War veteran who died alone in his New Jersey home was mourned by more than 1,000 people who attended his funeral on Friday.

Appearing on MSNBC Friday, Donny Deutsch claimed President Donald Trump will start a civil war in the United States if he is impeached.

There are a wide range of accomodation options available for GGB attendees. After you register, you will receive a Welcome Packet that provides information about three hotels that offer discounted rates for GGB attendees. If you prefer a Girl Scout camp experience, there is lodging available at Camp Bothin for a rate of $70 per person. Cost includes housing Friday and Saturday nights, continental breakfast Saturday…

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Special counsel's office disputes Buzzfeed's report on Trump and Cohen; liberal radio host Ethan Bearman reacts.

Every year thousands of people gather in Washington D.C. on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to march for the rights of the unborn.

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There comes a time in everyone’s career when they’re ready to take it to the next level. And with annual performance reviews just around the corner for many, career advancement might be on your mind. However, getting where you want

New cyber attacks - Spectre, Meltdown, and Foreshadow - affected semiconductors and showed today's defenses aren't enough to protect against criminals. Sheer volume of cyber threats requires radical collaboration even among fierce competitors to foil criminals. Tackling technical and anti-trust hurdles is essential.

Last offseason, I wrote a post detailing the 13 defunct Minor League ballparks I had visited. Upon the conclusion of the 2018 season…

Happy Friday! The first long weekend of the year is here and even though it's only been three weeks, I am definitely looking forward to the small break.

Color Craving: How to Select and Mix Beautiful Colors
Two-day workshop
& Sunday, Feb 17, from 12:30-4:30
At University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Do you want to create gorgeous paintings, but you’re not really sure how color works? Have you ever sat down to paint a scene, but the colors wound up looking juvenile and incomplete? Not to worry! In this acrylic class, you’ll learn how to paint all of the colors found in nature. You’ll develop your eye for mixing,…

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Silver tresses, both dyed and natural, are trending among pop stars and CEOs alike. But is this a passing fad or a true revolution in our outdated notions of women’s beauty? Plus: How the dyeing game is different for guys