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This breadth of investment can accelerate growth for those who live and work in Opportunity Zones while potentially drawing more businesses seeking to capitalize on accessible funding and favorable returns.

Echoing Mozart: Discovering a Link between the Brain and Music When Gordon Shaw and Frances Rauscher published the results of their study on the relationship between music and spatial task performance in 1993, the “Mozart effect” became a popular term.... Continue Reading →

Whether you’re in the Carolinas, Texas, Memphis or Kansas City, it’s not hard to find great barbecue in the United States. It’s one of the great American culinary traditions, something that’s closely intertwined with celebration and good company.

The bitcoin price just dropped $200 to just above $6,000 before leaping to near $7,000...

Bartlesville family is thankful for acts of kindness by Tulsa pitchers Karch Kowalczyk and Andre Scrubb during a Texas League Championship Series game at ONEOK Field.

There is no teacher like experience. To truly understand anything in life, you just have to jump in and do it. Landlording is no exception. Jumping in however leads to things you were not expecting, things that surprise you. So what surprised me? Here are five first time landlord surprises that opened my eyes.

The San Diego-Tijuana mega region could be among the top five for global investment. Reaching that status would dramatically improve business in our region.

Wanda Barzee, one of two people who abducted 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart in 2002, was released from a Utah prison Wednesday.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA), enacted on December 22, 2017, included a provision, commonly referred to as the federal opportunity zones incentive, that, until recently, has garnered little attention. The Opportunity Zone Incentive, still in its infancy, is intended to provide tax benefits to taxpayers that invest in qualified opportunity zones (QOZs), which were created to stimulate economic development and job creation in distressed communities. To qualify as a QOZ, the!

Much of the attention this year has been on the FAANG stocks but digital payment companies PayPal and Square are flying high with more gains expected to come.

Estate strategies for millennials may sound like less of a concern than retirement, but young adults should prepare now.

Dogs are America's most popular pet - find out why a dog park made of decomposed granite could be the perfect draw for residents.

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The Air Force has proposed a 25% increase in its number of squadrons to meet the higher demands its facing, but the plan is flying into unfriendly budget skies.

Want to join the brightest young minds, brash founders and top leaders in every sector at the 2018 Forbes Under 30 Summit? This is your chance.

Plenty of people are deeply enthralled with drones: hobbyists, scientists, engineers …. criminals. From disrupting sporting events to making assassination attempts, a range of nefarious actors have been showcasing the dangers of this burgeoning technology.

SBI announced a slew of initiatives such as migrating to EVs, installing solar panels on buildings and ATMs, and banning plastic in its office to cut down on the banks carbon emissions and go green.

The "New Rules" singer and our beloved bandleader take over a Late show elevator and get some unsuspecting passengers in on their musical hijinx. Subscribe T...

Millions of preteens play video games on Roblox’s website. That’s not unusual for a social gaming unicorn. What is unusual? Teaching kids the rudiments of coding and paying them like entrepreneurs.

Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, we have pumped the water out of the ship without patching the holes. If we don't do the latter—particularly now while we have some breathing room—then our financial system will most assuredly spring more leaks and we'll all be scrambling for the lifeboats.

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) created a new program to spur economic development by providing investors with significant…