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An app that ages your appearance has gone viral, but has sparked privacy concerns as to whether it is safe to use.
Faceapp, which launched in 2017, originated in Russia. Its privacy page says that it may share...

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day by trying these seven unique hot dogs from across the country.

Dylan Dreyer is pregnant with baby No. 2!
The TODAY co-anchor, who opened up in April about her struggles with secondary infertility, announced the joyous news on TODAY: She and husband Brian Fichera are...

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Converting an Elapsed Time to a Decimal Number
Some employers pay their employees based on work time that is measured in decimals as portions of an hour. For example, if an employee works a 7-hour and 45-minute day, the employer pays that person for 7.75 hours of work time
Here is how to represent elapsed work times in decimalized fashion.
Step 1
• Select the formula range and right-click that selection.
• From the right-click popup menu select Format…

The FDA is joining Yale University and the Mayo Clinic in a study to test the value of data from mHealth wearables used in a remote patient monitoring program for people with heart failure.

A project launched in 2016 to test the value of telemedicine in treating patients who are dealing with both hepatitis C and opioid abuse is expanding to several more sites in New York

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The Comic Conspiracy — Episode 410 (2019-07-16)
This week, we discuss our San Diego Comic-Con meet up, June 2019 Diamond Comics sales charts, David Bowie, #ReleaseTheSnyderCut billboards, Tales From The Dark Multiverse, Joker and The Question, HBO Max, Paper Girls, Thor 4, Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch’s Batman, and a ton of listener questions. Starring…

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The Geekbox — Episode 523 (2019-07-15)
Wherein we discuss Nintendo Switch Lite, crazy Mario Maker 2 levels, Dr. Mario World, San Diego Comic-Con, explaining The Blip, One Punch Man season 2…

Amazon Prime members again snapped up loss leaders like the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick with Alexa Remote on the first day of Amazon Prime Day 2019, which has now been stretched out to a 48-hour sale. This is the third year in a row that the

The classic superhero series Starman, starring a Gen-X superhero, returns in this massive omnibus hardcover edition by James Robinson (Batman: Face the Face) and Tony Harris (Ex Machina).

The Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind the annual Consumer Electronics Show, is slowly getting up to speed with the modern day. Today, CTA announced it will allow sex tech startups to participate and compete for awards as

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Summing Only Positive or Negative Numbers
In a list that contains positive and negative numbers, here are formulas that can sum those numbers in different ways, depending on the nature of your project
Based on the picture
• Formula of only negative numbers summed: =SUMIF(B3:B15,")
• Formula of all numbers summed as if positive: =SUM(ABS(B3:B15))
Note, this last formula is an array…

A newly formed telehealth industry watchdog is suing WebMD over its marketing of nine diagnostic tests, saying some aren't FDA-approved and the process for determining appropriateness is incomplete.

Seafood lovers rejoice with these 10 amazing seafood recipes, featuring a variety of seafood like lobster, shrimp, ahi tuna, salmon, swordfish, and crab.

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Like anyone else with a disability, deaf people are the same as everyone else. Here, we bust 6 misconceptions about dating someone deaf. See how many of them you recognise.