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Is there room for moderates in today's Democratic Party? senior political analyst Brit Hume weighs in.

Big jewelry companies are turning to blockchain digital ledger technology to certify the origins and aspects of diamonds and precious gems.

Get protected today for your online browsing. Go to! Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein is arrested once again for pedophilia and ...

If your morning always begins with a neighborhood jog followed by a hearty breakfast, and your day ends with yoga and a bubble bath, it sounds lovely. But it may become monotonous if you never change it up.

What makes a "real" man?
Piggybacking on the Year of the Pig theme brings up the question,
"Are all men pigs?"
And that includes YOU; you beautiful person you!
Thank you for your valuable time and energy.

-Chris Shelton

In 1981, Joe Biden argued that George Wallace's position on criminal justice, rehabilitation, and the death penalty were prophetic.

It's natural and normal to have a sex drive
In fact, sexual energy is extremely powerful, and when appropriately utilized it will bring you to your highest potential.
In this video we offer:
- Tips for singles and for couples to expedite your spiritual development
- Tools to generate the power within to heal yourself
- A gentle reminder that no matter where you are in your sex-life you can achieve ultimate health and anything your heart desires
I'll save the juicy details…

Volunteering and community service is one way to have more freedom and a way to give back to humanity
For any parent with a disgruntled teenager reading this, have your kid participate in community service to build confidence, teach teamwork, and open their minds to new possibilities.
Now more than ever, we need to remind ourselves and teach our youth the importance of giving back.
Most people feel stressed by limiting beliefs that there's not enough time or life is too busy.

Three Democrats, a Republican, and Native Americans from several tribes are holding a press conference on Tuesday to push for passage of a new bill, Remove the Stain Act.

An illegal alien is wanted after he allegedly attacked the woman he raped following his release by the sanctuary city of King County, Washington.

Earlier this week, IIUSA, on behalf of the EB-5 Regional Center industry, submitted a letter to USCIS regarding the recent surge in EB-5 adjudication delays