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De wensen van NAS-gebruikers blijven toenemen. iX-systems uit San Jose is de hoeder van de opensource FreeNAS-implementatie past deze zelf toe in een krachtige lijn van NAS’en. Om aan de wensen van veeleisende klanten tegemoet te komen introduceert men met de nieuwe desktop (TrueCommand) een volgende generatie besturingsconsole voor de NAS-hardware.

Manufacturer, distributor of custom industrial furniture including tables, workstations, cabinets, counters, laboratory furniture, ergonomic and other products. - Ways to Prevent the Contamination of Lab Samples with Laminar Flow Hood

The agreement comes as Redmond launches a new networking services programme at this week's Inspire conference in Las Vegas, where it also dampening down the flames caused by a misjudged attack on its partners' benefits.

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Microsoft Azure announced on Monday that it has selected Aryaka as one of it first partners for a new managed services provider program. The Microsoft Azure Networking Managed Services Provider (MSP) Program, which launched today, is offering Aryaka's SD-WAN and global managed services to simplify SD-WAN connectivity to Azure.

Big jewelry companies are turning to blockchain digital ledger technology to certify the origins and aspects of diamonds and precious gems.

His art has roots in the traditions of Hermetic and Platonic philosophy, Symbolist art, Jungian psychology, and the gnostic/mystic disciplines, East and West.

The U.S. is the world's top fossil fuel producer, but there are a few surprises among the Top 10 for each category of fossil fuel production.

Even though Target uses Google Cloud and Walmart has reportedly told its tech vendors to stop using AWS, itself inking a deal to use the Microsoft Azure cloud service, AWS remains the top global cloud service provider and is favored by many rival retailers.

Thousands of children and families are at risk from flooding and landslides in Bangladesh. UNICEF is on the ground providing urgently needed assistance.

Coverage includes Portland Sea Dogs tickets, scores, stats, news and more.

Some companies invest in Customer Experience (CX) as an afterthought. Other brands are 100% focussed on allocating resources to create customer excellence.

The recently unveiled winners of this aerial photo contest demonstrate the diversity and artistry of the craft.

If you plan to visit a U.S. national park this year and want both a pleasant travel experience and to avoid contributing to this major issue, here are seven national parks to visit to avoid the crowds.

We share 32 account-based marketing statistics that explain why ABM is a top priority and 5 practical tips to help you get started with your first campaign.

“NH engineers helped send Apollo astronauts to the moon ...”

The Border Gateway Protocol is the routing protocol that makes the internet work, but it can be hard to understand how BGP functions. Use this tutorial to better understand the complex world of BGP and learn some simple and advanced BGP troubleshooting steps.

Modern day fashionistas are taking scarves and wearing them in unique and stylish ways, making the trend feel totally fresh.

The concept of state can be confusing, but it comes down to tracking and storing historical application information. Explore the pros and cons of stateful vs. stateless applications from a networking and firewall perspective.

Chris Hansen, President Chris Hansen, PhD is newly elected PATCA President and founder of Covariant Corporation. He is a wireless communications and networking expert who consults in signal processing and physical layer design. Keith Riordan, Treasurer Keith Riordan, a long-time PATCA member, has served PATCA in many roles including past President. Keith is an embedded …

The 2019 Techstars Farm to Fork class is composed of an incredibly diverse set of amazing people and ideas. Founders will be joining us in Saint Paul, Minnesota from all over the world including companies from Australia, Canada, India, Israel and the United States! Agri-food, food tech, farm to fork – as more and more …

This step-by-step guide shows how Belts in the transactional sector can calculate the time needed to complete a process and utilize their resources efficiently.

One-third of hit-and-run deaths in the Bay Area’s largest city yielded criminal charges over a five-year span; 40 percent remain unsolved.

Metallic Foil Knit Dress (Style #21820/A21858), part of the Camille La Vie Evening Gowns category, comes in Rose.

Three networking experts explored how cloud network services can affect network transformation, planning and security. Learn more of their thoughts on the role of cloud in different facets of networking.

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We had to wait a few weeks to see how the Beijing communists and Xi Jinping hardliners were positioned for new trade talks; and now things make sense. Initially it seemed at odds with Beijing’…

Cyberattacks are illegal attempt to infiltrate computers or networks, with the intent to steal, destroy, share or use existing digital assets.

There's always something you can do to make your next trip less stressful and more enjoyable.

The restructuring of energy markets in recent years has broken up the utility monopoly and opened up competition
What is the Residential Energy Program
The Energy program provides consumer education about choices and access to competitive supply offers in select deregulated markets. Through the 5LINX® portal, consumers in select deregulated markets can choose an offer through one of our affiliated suppliers
Our goal…

Fernando Corbato also pioneered work on ways for lots of people to use the same computer simultaneously.

This article will help to define what Ishikawa is and how it can be used in quality improvement initiatives. Learn the insights.

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