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Kickstarter can be a remarkably powerful way to finance your startup -- if you do it the right way.

Cognitive decline and dementia affect large numbers of Americans later in life. Dr. Julia Samton explains the steps you should be taking now to keep your brain sharp.

Here are the best lessons to touch on to help your teenager develop strong money skills.

San Francisco legislators unanimously voted to halt the sale of e-cigarettes in the city, though Juul has already put a plan into action to undo the ban.

Adventist Health, a healthcare company that has doubled its size through acquisitions, chose Oracle HCM Cloud and Oracle ERP Cloud to accommodate future growth while continuing to offer patients top-notch care.

In a business world awash with customer data, analytics have the power to turn raw material into actionable insights, giving companies a deeper understanding of who their customers are. In this special digital issue, we profile innovators and leaders transforming the company-customer relationships through data.

6/18/19: Mississippi's Drew Waters hits a solo homer in the Southern League All-Star Game

6/18/19: Scranton/Wilkes-Barre's Judge blasts a long solo home run to right-center field during his rehab assignment

Several MBA programs have begun to incorporate STEM curriculum into their business programs in order to combat the decline in international enrollment.

The Sony WI-C600N are wireless in-ears that sound decent and have pretty good isolation performance thanks to their active noise cancelling (ANC) feature. Although their in-ear fit and around-the-neck design may not be for everyone, they’re fairly comfortable thanks to their neckband.

Technology is changing the way small businesses communicate with their customers. With the right plan, you can create dynamic, compelling social media content on a budget.

Political activists and autocratic governments are misusing the Internet to distribute massive amounts of deliberately false information. This harmful content is undermining political discourse and encouraging extremism in the U.S. and elsewhere.

These are the fastest airlines and the also-rans on the 21 busiest air routes in the U.S.

The actor discusses entering the entrepreneurial space—and how she wants to change the world with baby food.

Harvard University was right to rescind its acceptance of Kyle Kashuv after discovering a series of racist comments he made. Reaction to the case has split along predictable political lines, but Harvard's decision is reasonable in light of all the evidence.

Fortinety launched an initiative to integrate firewalls and SD-WANs to make it easier to secure branch office environments.

The financial services industry has increasingly adopted social media platforms over the last seven years.

Newgard Development Group is opening condominium towers purpose-built for home sharing in Miami and Austin under the brand Natiivo. The Miami-based developer is also behind Niido, which invited controversy last year.

A pro-life former judge appointed by the Missouri governor will sit on the panel reviewing the fate of the last Missouri abortion clinic.

Conflict and crisis have driven them from their homes, but these refugee dads are determined to see their children grow up healthy and safe. UNICEF is there to help.

When you lose the confidence of your customers, you have nothing. And without a doubt, Amazon is making very bad choices that suggest that the company is heading in the wrong direction.

Karen Korematsu of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute, Zahra Billoo of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Teresa Castellanos, Board vice-president San J...

Bowen Craggs & Co., a corporate communications research and consultancy, has, since 2007, ranked the effectiveness of the websites of the world’s largest corporations. This week it published its annual list of the best corporate websites—a top 30 narrowed down from a universe of 200 sites.

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For the last several years, Big Beer and Craft Beer have been bitter enemies. But there's a new threat on the horizon.