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A United States Marine gave his younger siblings quite the surprise during the Veterans Day event held at their school in Colorado.

During a Sunday interview on CBS's "Face the Nation," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) weighed in on acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's appointment to | Video

Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman says the midterm elections were a warning to Democrats.

Just about every organization that develops applications on a decent scale is moving toward “cloud-native” environments.

Get the tea now! Learn what YouTube doesn't want you to know by watching the content we previewed in this video at www.bitchute...

Just because some families are ready to transition indoors when fall hits doesn’t mean yours has to. Let the outdoor fun continue as the leaves change with these high-energy adventures.

Here's a team-by-team breakdown of how all 30 teams' prospects fared in Arizona Fall League action on Saturday: • Gameday: Scottsdale 5, Glendale 3 | Peoria 7, Surprise 4 | Mesa 7, Salt River 2

One of the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption of renewables is energy storage. Where do you store energy when the sun's not shining, the wind's not blowing, etc.?

One of the most visible aspects of direct US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen has come to an end.

Plenty of companies screwed up their brands this year but the airlines truly outdid themselves.

As deadly wildfires ripped through Northern and Southern California Saturday, hundreds of Bay Area teens talked climate change at San Jose summit.

When you get the opportunity to peek inside the mind of a rising guitar prodigy and multi-instrumentalist, you jump on it.

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Buying a home security camera is a big decision. After all, there are very few things more important than safety. Unfortunately, the industry is also a bit untamed. Here are 8 common mistakes you should try to avoid.
Going cheap: Making…

Want to know how to be a digital nomad? Here are the best and worst places to live.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chair Mark Warner said Thursday on "Your World" that with President Trump's appointment of former Iowa federal prosecutor Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general, the probability of the Mueller probe being tampered with will increase.

7-Eleven, the world's largest convenience store chain, has hopped on the scan-and-pay bandwagon and introduced its own mobile self-checkout service, allowing customers to skip the checkout line.

Stay how to stay safe when you get cash from an ATM. These tips, along with your common sense, will help you avoid most problems.