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About half of the state's private sector employees ages 25 to 64 don’t have dedicated retirement assets, a new brief says.

Hiring can be hard, but these three rules will help you choose the right people for the right spots and ensure they fit into your company culture.

Joey Bart homered twice, Jose Marte dazzled in his start and Hector Borg picked-up his first win as San Jose manager in a 6–1 victory over…

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Amazon didn't start out as a traditional marketplace, but now it's grown into the largest one in the United States. Overall, it is no surprise that Amazon has powerful network effects and reached where it is today based on these strong marketplace checklist dynamics.

Protests broke out five days ago when almost 900 pages of private messages between Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló and his top officials were leaked.

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F-Secure’s new Data Discovery Portal helps you uncover the wealth of data tech giants store about you. Once you click through it, you are likely to ask yourself, “What you can do to keep Google, Facebook, and Twitter and other companies out of your private life?” This is a fair question. And it deserves a …

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In a post-Roe world, abortions would fall significantly, and access would become highly uneven.

Police were called to a parking lot in San Jose last week for a man inside a van that caught fire. The man appeared to be living in his vehicle and refusing to leave. Witness video captured how quickly the situation escalated on July 9.

BEST WEEK OF YOUR LIFE 2019 - Episode 2 - All week we're showing you what Young Life is like in Armenia at Pioneer! Pioneer is located about an hour and a ha...

"Influence" Gets You Nowhere — At Least with this Ice Cream Truck in L.A.: Instagram "influencers" looking to cash in on free ice cream for exposure are charged double.

Rockies No. 2 prospect Colton Welker has been placed on the Double-A Hartford injured list with an undisclosed injury, the team announced Thursday.

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Are you ready to travel the world but, well, not quite ready to quit your day job? Sadly, most Americans don’t get enough vacation days and statistics show that even those who do rarely use all their paid time off. But there is a growing group that attempts to make every day a vacation day. …

In an age where people want -- even expect -- everything for free, particularly online, the price we pay for using various services is our privacy. Social networks are obvious collectors of personal data, but it doesn't end there... and who really knows what information has been collected about them over the years?

Three men linked to self-declared “Interim President” Juan Guaido were arrested on Friday while allegedly selling weapons stolen during the failed April 30 putsch.

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Gather your art and get started for a chance to win recognition for your effort and talent
Submit your favorite pieces to the 2019 UArt Open now
11th Annual Open Art Competition & Exhibition
& High School Emerging Artists Competition
The University Art “UArt Open” is an annual art competition and
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Want to build great professional (and personal) relationships? The key, according to Relevent Sports Group CEO Daniel Sillman, is to never network again.

When job seekers are left waiting to hear back about open roles, they're likely to get frustrated and pursue other opportunities. Here are several tips to speed up hiring.

Individual appeared to be in mental distress, refused to let go of tire as flames engulfed vehicle

You may know about the plaques aboard the deep-space Pioneer missions that carry messages to the rest of the universe, but you probably don’t know that a silicon wafer containing tiny messages from world leaders was left on the moon by Neil Armstrong...

Palm Springs City Council member Lisa Middleton discusses her work on the CalPERS board and how it will emerge from under the current financial cloud.

Focus on establishing a relationship of trust between your brand and your audience.

While it will take time and a lot of cash, there's little question that Amazon is moving towards a world where it owns its entire delivery system.

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After founding two successful candy companies, Melissa Snover is entering the health product market with Nourish3d.

The Oracle of Omaha was opining on, of all people, former baseball star turned entrepreneur Alex Rodriguez.

It’s not just where you’re going…it’s how you get there. Learn how different migration strategies net out across a spectrum of capabilities and benefits
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The Giants suffered a heartbreaking 7–5, 11-inning loss to the visiting Rancho Cucamonga Quakes on Wednesday night in Hector Borg’s…