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Our cyber security crash course introduces the current threats to businesses and why they are so difficult to spot and stop. Learn what you can do to detect and respond to modern cyber attacks. Increase your employees' security awareness with the short videos and mitigate the main cause of cyber incidents - human error.

The Big Apple is a transport nightmare. Some New York City Council members think e-scooters can help, even though e-scooters aren't legal. Yet.

Only 38 percent of small businesses have a cybersecurity plan to protect their data and their business. If you are not one of them, this checklist will help you get started

Exercising your right to vote is critical in California's local, state or federal election process. Strengthen the voice of organized real estate and help C.A.R. protect your business.   Register to vote today!

The new release of the Virtuoso platform (ICADVM18.1) offers groundbreaking analysis capabilities and an innovational new simulation-driven interactive routing for more robust and efficient design implementation as well as extending our support for the most advanced users.

NHL expansion to Seattle seems all-but-certain after city council unanimously approved the renovation plan for KeyArena on September 24.

5 Ways that Machine learning is transforming the Travel Industry. The potential of machine language is public knowledge today. The travel industry

Long the domain of seedy degree mills peddling debt-laden vocational training, online education is now a priority, and a profit center, at top-tier universities thanks to innovators like 2U Inc.

So you want to retire early? Good for you. But, even if you have enough total funds to comfortably support yourself, some retirement plan assets may be locked away or awkward to access. But if you need them to support your life style here’s how to unlock them without penalty.

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Entomophobic Marvel fans are probably facing a major conundrum. On one hand, Ant-Man, [...]

Si quieres prevenir que piratas informáticos sustraigan información que es muy importante para ti, te decimos algunas claves útiles para evitarlo.

California recently promised billions of dollars in bond funds to new water storage projects. But it remains to be seen if these projects can obtain water rights and regulatory approval to actually start construction.

Exploits, Backdoors, and Hacks: words we do not commonly hear when speaking of machine learning (ML). In this talk, I will present the relatively new field of hacking and manipulate machine learning systems and the potential these techniques pose for active offensive research
The study of Adversarial Machine Learning (ML) allows us to leverage the techniques used by ML algorithms to find weak points and exploit…

The #MeToo movement sent shockwaves through the hearts and minds of employers and employees alike last fall, and the California Legislature – known...

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Riverbed adds support for Microsoft’s Hyper-V hypervisor, and their newly announced Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN.

Litigators from Cooley and Jackson Lewis have left each firm to branch out on their own.

Dressier than denim yet perfectly casual for everyday wear, this fabric instantly updates an outfit. Take a look at five chic ways to wear khaki for fall!

When a handful of tweets discussing a report on the U.S.’s drone program suddenly seemed to disappear from the social network, people noticed.

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Massive, well-resourced companies are still using live customer data - including their plaintext passwords - in testing environments, violating not just good development practices but also privacy laws. That's yet another security failure takeaway from last year's massive Equifax breach.

Propmodo is a global multimedia effort to explore how emerging technologies affect our built environment.

We share some safety tips to help cyclists avoid bicycle accidents in cold weather. Contact a San Jose bike accident attorney at 408-289-1417. Free consult.

More than 400 San Diego businesses will be legally required to post a special flier in a new effort to help end sex trafficking.

Increasing the High Availability capabilities of the SAS platform and enhancing end-users and administrators' experience in case of failure are key goals for SAS Viya. Viya servers and services can be clustered to increase their availability. With clustering, if a member of the cluster goes down, ...