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After two rainouts and an off day, the Giants finally returned to the field on Tuesday night in Modesto. The wait was well worth it. San…

The latest Deloitte Global Millennial Survey shines a light on the human toll taken by years of societal discord, technological transformation and economic insecurity.

Birders have spotted 56 different parrot species in 43 states, and 25 of those species are breeding in 23 different states, a new study finds

5/21/2019: El Paso's Luis Urias smashes solo homer to center field off Reno's Matt Koch

Employers want the best and most diverse applicant pool available to them. In the work of Talent Pipeline Management™ (TPM), we appropriately spend a lot of time conducting demand surveys, defining the competencies needed, identifying the sources of talent, and partnering with talent providers.

For businesses doing business online—meaning everyone—the cost of being unlucky is also much higher than it used to be.

5/21/19: Gavin Lux goes the other way for an oppo taco to put the Drillers ahead of Springfield

From desktop fans to state-of-the-art machines, here are eight of the best and most versatile air purifiers on the market.

Asian Law Alliance is looking for Spanish-speaking volunteers to assist clients with different services. Spanish-speaking volunteers are especially needed to help represent clients in asylum,...

5/20/19: Tulsa's Zach McKinstry robs Springfield's Evan Mendoza of a hit with a diving catch in shallow right as part of Drillers' 5-2 win

A stay at a 5-star hotel is a lovely thing; a drive in a vintage car while you're a guest makes it even more memorable.

Let's come together for our last Shabbat HaNefesh of the year this Friday, May 24th at 6:30 PM. This will be the last Shabbat HaNefesh until the end of September, so don't miss out
Nourish your mind, body, and soul with your fellow congregants as you welcome Shabbat in this beautiful service. Our Shabbat HaNefesh includes a short and musical Mamash Kabbalat Shabbat Service, a delicious Mediterranean feast, and an indulgent dessert oneg.
Open to members and non-members. For only $18 per person,…

The exploding CBD market has generated considerable headlines, providing fodder to umpteenth forecasts. The latest one, by leading cannabis researchers BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research, projects that the collective market for CBD sales will surpass $20 billion in the U.S. by 2024.

Graduation season means it’s time to listen to the increasingly common chorus of “college isn’t for everyone.” But there are serious equity issues with the notion that higher education is only right for some.

A year and a half after cryptocurrency investors started touting the benefits of turning traditional investments into digital "security tokens," progress has stalled.

Here's how to adjust LinkedIn settings for better privacy and OPSEC. This guide also looks at fake accounts, LION and sockpuppets.

The Investor Relations website contains information about Immersion Corporation's business for stockholders, potential investors, and financial analysts.

Conventional wisdom says U.S. aircraft carriers are becoming more vulnerable to Chinese anti-ship missiles, but the opposite may be true.

Airline travel this summer is expected to heat up, the airline industry’s U.S. trade group predicted Tuesday, with another record for summer travel likely imminent.

Next-Generation Services for Buying and Selling Cars
Now with approval from the City of Monterey, interested owners may apply for either wholesale or retail dealer licenses from the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) — so they can handle custom car buying and selling, with transactions often taking place on-demand via e-commerce
Being able to handle vehicle sales and purchases within a community tailored to the…

The Merc with a Mouth // Marvel Q-Fig Max Deadpool (Maximum Effort) Collectible Figure

Two physicists are hunting more than 600 uranium cubes from Nazi Germany’s failed WWII nuclear program.

Check out the great new features on the UVC G4 Pro IP camera from Ubiquiti. For all your video surveillance needs.

London, UK – May 21, 2019: With the United Kingdom’s controversial online age verification checks scheduled to come into force this summer, experts from cyber security provider F-Secure are advising UK internet users that the new rules could increase the risk of identity theft and other cyber crimes. “Preventing kids from accessing certain types of […]
London, UK – May 21, 2019: With the United Kingdom’s…

Discover how natural gas and oil helps fuel your memories at

Construction professional brings broad-based experience to Kitchell’s Southern California office Industry veteran Cecilia Kucharski recently joined Kitchell Contractor’s Southern California office as a Regional Executive to oversee San Diego operations, bringing more than 23 years of experience in a wide range of markets. “Finding executives with the depth and diversity of experience that Cecilia has …

Low-power programmable chip maker Lattice Semiconductor has enhanced its Lattice sensAI hardware and software stack with a 10-times performance boost over its previous version to bring always-on AI…

By the year 2030, reports estimate we will need 9.6 million charging ports to support over 18 million EVs across the US. What does this mean for parking?

The topline of today’s news: Cable giants NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia's Netflix survival plans relies on ad-supported streaming; Why The Rockefellers, Why the Rockefellers, Charles Schwab and Buzz Aldrin back a cold fusion startup; Tracing uranium missing from the Nazi's nuclear weapon program.

Whatever the reason is, comfort is prevailing over traditional style aesthetic. Check out 5 trends that are more comfortable than classically stylish.

As technology finds its way into the industry, however, it is beginning to play a transformative role. And those in charge of managing freight forwarding might soon find that Dylan’s line no longer applies.

“There was a time and a place when it was good enough for leaders to deliver on financial performance, new products and innovative agendas, but that paradigm has changed.”