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were trying to understand this incredibly difficult teaching
The truth is sometimes very hard to understand.
In fact, we will hear later on that many will walk away from him
after hearing the Bread of Life Discourse.
It is just too much to bear.
has Jesus not even attempting to answer the question.
Jesus simply explains the truth within: "You must remain in me."
Basically, he says we do not understand it,
but remain in me; stay with me; consume me;
and I…

District 200 is seeking voter approval to construct a new Jefferson Early Childhood Center without levying a separate, special property…

"I am the bread of life that came down from heaven
Whoever believes in me has eternal life."
that I did a course in executive business management.
In it, we spent a ton of time doing work about strategy
and understanding how important it is to have
strategy, goals, and measurements and processes to accomplish those goals.
I remember one other class in which the professor said:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been learning a lot about strategy.
Let me tell you, culture…

HCA affiliates Garden Park Medical Center and Tulane Medical Center used the connection of telemedicine to save a woman's life after she suffered a stroke.

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Trees are ubiquitous around the globe. Everyone knows that a tree grows up from a seed in the ground. It's a normal occurrence.