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Foot and Ankle Associates based in Los Gatos, California. Our podiatrists are uniquely trained to treat all foot and ankle disorders. Contact @ 408-358-6234.

It’s almost hard to believe one of the Bay Area’s most outlandish holiday displays began with a meager potted tree — but alas some of the most enduring traditions sprout from humble beginnings.

Looking to write the perfect Gold Award project proposal? We’ve collected helpful insight from committee members who have evaluated hundreds of Gold Award projects! Get started on your path to Gold…

While it's true that entrepreneurship is worth pursuing as a career, it's also true that it's a tough career
December 12, 2018
That's an impressive word: entrepreneurship.
It's a word that's filled with optimism and the prospect of joy and riches. Millennials and veteran careerists subscribe to the world of entrepreneurship with strong enthusiasm, hope and energy. It's a safe, secure and simple path to freedom and success.
You know how it works. Just dream of an idea, package a product and sell…

He made a cameo in BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and we got to know him in JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now Arthur Curry, DC’s half-human, half-Atlantean superhero, jumps into the spotlight in AQUAMAN, opening on December...

Rep. Nancy Pelosi all but ensured Wednesday that she will become House speaker next month, quelling a revolt by disgruntled younger Democrats by agreeing to limit her tenure to no more than four additional...

In this article on, Karim Damji and Nekzad Shroff discuss the necessary steps for the pharma industry to adopt modernized technologies

Requiring a prenuptial agreement before your spouse remarries can provide peace of mind and protect your spouse, your children, and their inheritance. If you leave your assets in a trust for your spouse and children, you can require your spouse obtain a prenuptial agreement before remarriage. This can protect your loved ones. Read on to find out more about prenuptial agreements.

Have you thought about any last-minute actions for this year’s taxes? You might convert some or all of your traditional IRAs into a Roth IRA.

Thanks to H&M Home’s latest sale, we’ve scouted out plenty of presents that you can snag ASAP, all for $15 or less.

It's filled in with dirt now, but underneath Doug Woods’ home, is a broken community storm water pipe, five feet wide. “The pipe is still not fixed,” exclaimed Woods in his front yard. 7 On Your Side went inside the sinkhole back in August. Kingswood HOA and Spotsylvania County both point the finger of responsibility at each other.

Asha Dornfest has been writing her entire life, but it wasn’t until she published her first book that she started to call herself a writer. What is it about that term, writer, that makes so many creatives fearful? And what can we do when we have something to say but are scared to get started? Well,

Explore the full potential of bacteria, toxins, virulence factors & enzymes in treating disease, developing cancer therapies & detecting threats.

Never count Clint Eastwood out. He hasn’t starred in a film since TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE in 2012, but now the master filmmaker is back on the big screen. Eastwood stars and also directs THE MULE,...

Welcome to the Olympus IMS web store, we constantly add new products to the store. Including Phased Array Probes, Ultrasonic Transducers, Eddy Current Probes, Cables and much more. If you have any application questions or are searching for a product that is not listed in the web store please contact a Sales Representative.

Move over belt bags, patent leather is coming through! These glossy pieces are one of our favorite trends and we can’t seem to get enough of it!

We tapped a handful of our trusty design friends to get the lowdown on decorating with coral, sans risking an outdated finish.

A voluntary recall has been issued for some Kotex tampons after several complaints that the tampons have come apart during use and even caused some infections. 

Many folks facing the holidays are homeless due to recent fires in California. Housing assistance grants to help with paying mortgages as well as tempora

The decision about what to do with the family home in a divorce is one of the most financially significant ones that you and your spouse will make, and perhaps one of the most emotional ones. That's why it's crucial to seek expert guidance from real estate professionals who know the market and can h

Did you think 2018 was a great year for horror? Well, it was, so that’s good! But 2019 looks just as promising, and that’s even before festivals like Sundance, which unleashed some of our favorite...