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Some tasks a landlord has to make a unit ready to rent are mandated by habitability requirements. Other tasks may or may not be essential.

The federal government produces one hell of a lot of data, but despite desultory lurches toward usability, there’s little guarantee that it’s available in a way that makes it useful to anyone. That may change for the better with the OPEN

MLB Pipeline will unveil its 2019 Top 100 Prospects list with a one-hour show on MLB Network and on Saturday, Jan. 26, at 8 p.m. ET. Leading up to the release, we look at baseball's top 10 prospects at each position. When it comes to right-handed pitching prospects -- well, pitching prospects who throw with either hand -- there's Forrest Whitley and then there's everyone else.

She thought a life of partying would be so much more satisfying than being a “naïve” Christian Scientist. Several years later, lost and depressed, she began asking the question: Could God be there after all? And could He help her out of this mess?

Walgreens has announced a partnership with Microsoft that will include telehealth stations, mHealth resources and a broad connected health platform to connect consumers, providers and payers.

Variety revealed Christopher McQuarrie has signed on to write and direct the next two films in the popular film franchise. The sequels will be shot back-to-back 'in order to take advantage of the popularity...

A protest is planned outside the San Jose Improv on Wednesday ahead of a scheduled performance by controversial comedian Louis C.K.

Police are searching for three armed home invasion suspects who pushed their way into a Piedmont home last week.

Average ticket price (ATP) for air is forecast to increase by 2% globally in February, despite what many economists predict will be a softer global economy...

Tom’s Tutorials For Excel: Converting a trailing negative sign to a real negative number
As any Excel developer or workplace guru knows, raw downloads from external storage warehouses can throw some strange data at you. An example is a list of numbers, some of which are meant to be negative but are actually text values because of a trailing negative sign, as seen in the following Before and After pictures
Here are the steps to convert those wannabe negative numbers to real negative…

Andrew McCarthy said the FBI launching an investigation into whether President Trump was working on behalf of Russia was merely the formalization of a probe that had already been going on for more than a year.

As they do at the beginning of every year, employers will be requesting employees to complete the IRS Form W-4. Its purpose is to provide employers with the information they need to determine the amount of federal income taxes to withhold from an employee’s paycheck. So, it is very important that the form be completed correctly.

As agencies revamp their security infrastructure as they modernize, they must look for security solutions based on threat intelligence that illuminates today’s attack vectors and tactics.

Being able to purchase items online has revolutionized the way people commerce and exchange goods. Gone are the days of being inspired by infomercials, allowing 6-8 weeks for delivery and mail-in order forms with a paper check enclosed! Whats even better about this fact is that with technology growing simpler every day, YOU TOO can sell things online and start earning money for your hard work…

Lately, I have been mesmerized by thrift shopping and haul videos that vloggers post to inspire my own thrifting trips going forward.

CNN legal analyst Areva Martin accused Sirius XM Patriot 125 host David Webb of "white privilege" during a debate on his radio program.

At University Art, 2550 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA
Dates: February 11, 25, (NO Class on February 18 as it is Presidents Day), March 4, 11, 25, April 1, 8.
For more information, visit
$240 for 8 sessions, payable to Steve Curl.
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The Intero Foundation, a non-profit devoted to helping children and elderly in need, is pleased to announce the donations made to 42 organizations in

The beginning of the year is the time many people reassess their financial goals. To achieve any of these goals, it’s important to prioritize your needs, assess where you are and devise a series of action steps.

Chesa Boudin’s world has never been free from the American criminal justice system. When he was just over a year old, his parents — left-wing radicals in the Weather Underground — took part in a Brinks armored car robbery outside New York City that ended in the murder of two police officers and a security guard. Before he could walk, he was making monthly trips through prison metal detectors and steel bars to visit his mom and dad. Like many other children of…

Amazon is giving its Fire TV Stick an upgrade. The company announced today it will now ship the Fire TV Stick with the new version of the Alexa Voice Remote launched last fall. The remote allows users to control other devices besides their Fire

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World leaders, athletes, singers, MiLB hats are often a common thread

Synopsys automotive prototyping solutions can help you start software development, integration, and test earlier―independent of hardware.

By kawarthaNOW. Two real-life couples perform in Ahuri Theatre's remount of 'This Is The Point', presented by Public Energy.