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A new survey of over 1,000 potential U.S. home buyers by Unison Home Ownership Investors and commissioned by Atomik Research revealed the financial challenges of saving for a down payment and what people are willing to sacrifice to make home ownership possible. What would you compromise? Surprisingly, there are many luxuries people would quickly give up for a down payment ... Read More

Google URL Shortener at goo.gl is used by Google products to create short URLs that can be easily shared, tweeted, or emailed to friends.

Nathan and Davina, married for 15 years, have had their share of struggles.

It’s Red Nose Day! And, today, workplaces, families and communities across the U.S. are coming together to have fun and make a difference, raising money and awareness for children in need. For corpo

Although this past winter’s rainfall was less than average, our water supply outlook is positive through the end of the year. The Santa Clara Valley Water District Board received information on the…

Alameda city leaders broke ground on a billion-dollar development Wednesday on what was once a Navy base. It's called Alameda Point.

Although our friends, and certainly our children, use ride-hailing services all the time, I have always felt a little squeamish about them.

Patients who have recently had thoracic surgery benefit greatly from having additional sternum support that a harness provides.

“What good is it to just retire and sit around all the time?” asks George Mattera. “I’d so much rather be of service to people.”

“Fiction is a waste of time.”
“Why read fiction? It’s all just made up.”
Real live adults have said these sentences to me, and it is so sad. They are missing out on so much. Maybe you find yourself resonating with them. I promise I will neither insult your judgment nor attack your opinions. Arguing someone into reading fiction won’t work and badgering people to do anything is counter-productive. So consider this an invitation to try something. Maybe, just maybe, you can be…

1498 Ford Ave, San Jose CA 95110, USA Sophia Delacotte Intero Real Estate 408.717.2575 www.SophiaDelacotte.com View my inventory: tours.beyondvtmarke...

The Senior Manager, Marketing and Communications, CFC is instrumental in executing a comprehensive, integrated and effective marketing and communications campaign for the CFCs Global Impact has been sub-contracted to manage in order to maximize federal community contributions and benefit those in need. The individual in this position will be responsible for the strategic development, management, and implementation of marketing and communications efforts for the CFCNCA, the…

Although cardiac surgery is a little different for everyone, there are some basic things to expect after heart surgery.

Finding an at-home caregiver is a trickier task than many people realize. There are all types of caregivers with different credentials and levels of experience. How do you know whether you're selecting someone who can handle your loved one's unique needs? If you're searching for a caregiver, you need these five tips that will help you hire the right person for the job
What type of care do you require?
Determine the level of care that your loved one needs before deciding on…

Launched in 2014 thanks to support from Astellas Pharma EMEA, Action on Fistula has provided training to increase the number of surgeons treating fistula in ...

Depending on the nature of the surgery and what needed to be done, the recovery time for the patient will vary.

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there are listed 6,909 living languages
That is not including all the computer languages that people use to code.
I do not want to leave all you engineers out, right?
Even with all those languages, 6909,
experts tell us that 93% of communication happens
with non-verbal body language.
what is going on in any given situation. [1]
that we have more people connected online
through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,
billions of people are connected
now people more than ever in the history of humanity,…

We're loving the relaxed, resort vibe that woven, wicker, and raffia accessories add to an outfit. From straw hats to braided bags and even raffia slides and mules, this trend is only growing. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to style woven accessories with your summer wardrobe!

Many factors go into retirement decisions. This article examines many of those factors, such as where to retire, access to healthcare, income taxation, estate taxation, property taxation, etc. This article includes many links to helpful lists.

Are all my signs normal? Ask about your body mass index, blood pressure, pulse and breathing. Are your lungs working well or does your breathing sound shallow, labored or rapid? Your doctor will either suggest or perform blood tests to check your lipids — cholesterol and triglyceride levels — as well as your level of the thyroid-stimulating hormone to determine if your thyroid is functioning properly…

Have you RSVP’d yet? Don’t miss this event! FREE Fitness classes, family swim, games, raffle, taco fiesta, pickleball and more! Saturday, June 9, starting at 7 am. www.avac.us/SummerKickoff #avac #…

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In this day and age, many parents resort to technology in order to keep their kids entertained and occupied, completely forgetting the benefits of arts and crafts. True, technology is very useful, and kids should be introduced to it, but it should never come at the expense of them playing and making things with their…