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San Jose’s first homestand of the second half began with a thud on Monday night as the Modesto Nuts rolled to an 11–2 victory over the…

Knitting community 'Ravelry' bans all Trump supporters; Melissa Francis weighs in on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum condemned comparisons of migrant detention centers on the U.S. southern border to 1930s concentration camps.

Author and journalist David Rowan shares five key areas he says are pivotal to genuine innovation, meaning innovations that positively transform and help society.

Today's best luggage for traveling across oceans feature cleverly designed compartments, state-of-the-art tracking and check-in systems and almost indestructible outer shells.

Apparel brands that typically fight for prominence at tennis’ Grand Slam events by dressing players in unique patterns, singular graphics and an array of bright colors must take a different approach at Wimbledon. But while the rule may limit some creativity, it opens up a new option at retail.

Small towns in Italy are selling houses for just one euro, but the actual final cost is much higher because of the renovation costs involved.

For centuries it was more of a legend than a living creature in the minds of many, but now a giant squid has been documented alive and well in our own backyard for the first time.

As real-world utility begins to surface with potential use cases for digital currency, the ways we understand and assign value to evolving paradigms raises many questions – particularly those of trust and security.

A dishwasher's average tenure at a restaurant is about a month. This week, Dishcraft has announced its automated dish room as a solution that relies on AI, robotics and machine learning. Linda Pouliot, who is the CEO and founder, as well Paul Birkmeyer, who is the CTO and co-founder, shared more.

When General Michael Flynn entered into the seemingly coerced plea agreement with the special counsel team and prosecutor Brandon Van Grack (November 30, 2017), he gave up the right to defense disc…

'Batman' was a blockbuster mostly due to the hype and the property on which it was based. It was a movie based on a kid-friendly superhero mostly aimed at adults. It was the roadmap to the current Hollywood tentpole.

Founders focus on the economics of financing and deprioritize corporate governance terms. The best founders know this is a critical issue and prioritize board composition on the same level as deal economics.

A recent study examined the names being given to various advanced automation systems in Level 2 cars, and Autopilot was misconceived more so than other akin names, for which only limited conclusions can be reasonably made and chatter beyond the study limits is inappropriate, read why.

Businesses ranging from auto-racing to agriculture stand to benefit while aging stalwarts like AccuWeather have the most to lose.

We get into what was shaping up to be the next big scandal about the president on Friday, but the story fizzled to the point that it's gone now.

It's where Earth's axial tilt with respect to the Sun is most extreme. Here are the consequences.

As more business becomes digital and data governs more of our lives, cybersecurity incidents are climbing in frequency, intensity and innovation.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will reportedly unveil a bill Monday calling on all $1.6 trillion worth of U.S. student debt to be eliminated.

Wander Franco, the highest-ranked prospect in baseball, has been promoted to the Florida State League and is expected to join the Stone Crabs on Tuesday.

Global weather patterns can cause ripple effects in the way objects are transported between countries, and the amount of time it takes to transport the goods and parcels. Transportation companies annually lose $3.5 million to severe weather events and must plan for, and adjust, when weather strikes.

Rife with history, charm and vintage finds, accommodation is one thing this city of romance always gets right.

All the recent studies show that people want to remain in their homes and in their communities as they age, and the importance of community can’t be overstated.

NZ gun owners say the government is doing a buyback of "military style" semiautomatic rifles but refusing to pay full price for the firearms.

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August Busch IV was born to power and rose to be CEO of his family’s beer fortune. But from a young age, his life has been beset by scandal and intrigue.

The U.S. has become much more energy independent in recent years. One glaring exception is California, where growing dependence on foreign oil endangers national security.

Dr. Bob Sears is at it again: He's accused of writing bogus vaccination medical exemptions less than a year after censure from Medical Board of California for the same thing.

6/22/19: Winston-Salem's Craig Dedelow makes a diving grab in left field to preserve a ninth-inning tie against Lynchburg