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Meanwhile, Frank Grillo teases and then immediately denies his own Marvel movie future. Melissa Benoist discusses a new costume upgrade for Kara on Supergirl. The Simpsons will pastiche Stranger Things in this year’s Treehouse of Horror. The Mortal Kombat movie reboot will be as gory as you hope it should be. Plus, more familiar faces return for Arrow’s final season. Spoilers away!

From USA to India, ride hailing app cabs like Uber has transformed the mobility landscape globally and opened the door for competitors such as Lyft in the U.S. and Ola Cabs in India. Rashi Shrivastava and Madison Hall in USA with Suryodoy Mandal in India report on how it is poised to grow even more.

Yes, it’s called Comic-Con, but these days, the biggest news out of the annual convention usually isn’t about comics. It’s about comic book-inspired (or at least influenced) film and television. Things change though. Ten years ago, movies dominated SDCC. Five years ago, television started taking over. Now, it’s a mix, leaning more into TV with a strong focus on streaming content. Since there’s a ton going on, we’ll pull out what we deem to be the most exciting movie, TV, and streaming panels…

Is this a utilities bailout? Will it help prevent future fires? How will all this work? Here's a breakdown of the new plan California lawmakers are putting in place.

Hundreds of people gathered Friday night for Washington’s “Lights for Liberty” event and vigil, one of more than 700 that were planned worldwide.

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Freedom to Teach—the AFT’s campaign to respect educators’ professional training and experience and allow them to teach as they see fit—comes to life among the applications AFT members submitted to the Freedom to Teach awards this week. Thirty-five members applied for the awards, and nine won $1,000 each in credit on, a website that helps teachers purchase what they need to serve their students and their schools.

Are you trying to balance saving for the future with paying your bills today? Find out how much you should be saving each month to stay financially secure.

Which marketing channels are important to your online sales? Find the answer with our easy intro to digital attribution models.

Chiwetel Ejiofor was at a train station when a phone call made him feel five years old again. The Oscar-nominated actor was in New York, on his way to Washington DC, when his agent called him and said Disney wanted him to voice Scar in a remake of The Lion King.

Three great white pelicans have been released in St James’s Park, London.
The pelicans were a gift from Prague Zoo and arrived at the end of May, but have been kept hidden from public view while they settled in to their new surroundings.
The two males, Sun and Moon, and a female named Star, were hatched in February, and joined a colony of three in the park.

A drug dealer has been found guilty of killing a former Bond actor with the same chemsex drug he sold to serial killer Stephen Port
Gerald Matovu met Eric Michels via gay dating app Grindr in August last year.
The 26-year-old plied 54-year-old Michels, who had a minor role in Skyfall, with a fatal dose of GHB at his home in Chessington, Surrey.
He then made off with his bank card details and other belongings.
GHB is a drug used by some in…

A cat known as the King of Ruddington failed to show up to his own birthday party, despite hundreds of admirers attending to celebrate his decade of life.
Residents of the Nottingham village held parties for Wilbur the cat's 10th birthday, but he was nowhere in sight.
The King of Ruddington is famous in the Nottingham village for his visits to local shops, having left home of his own volition after his owner adopted two kittens.

Tax benefits are one of the many benefits to taking advantage of your employee stock options. Here’s what to know.

What will today bring? Modern life is full of everyday blessings and everyday curses, from being home to sign for your package to accidentally hitting Reply All. This witty reversible book is a lighthearted remedy to single-minded happiness guides, with vibrant illustrations that celebrate the sympathetically funny moments that can make or break your day. Read it upright for modern-day blessings such as waking up to…

The city of Hayward is getting nearly $1 million in state money for its new Housing Navigation Center.

A poor ocular surface is a common condition in glaucoma patients due to the incidence of dry eye, age, and use of benzalkonium chloride (BAK). Poor compliance with glaucoma therapy can result. Use of point-of-care testing can help identify patients with a poor ocular surface and drive treatment decisions. Treatment options, including surgical, are discussed.

A video communications system is no longer just a tool for big companies. Welcome to 2019
According to the Business Dictionary, video is a “visual multimedia source that combines a sequence of images to form a moving picture.â€� People tend to think of video as a communications tool reserved solely for mega-companies with mega-marketing departments and mega-bucks to spend. According to Stacy Adams in a video…

As investors look for ways to diversify their portfolio, billions of dollars are following into investment strategies and exchange traded funds that specialize in socially responsible investing, notably those focusing on environmental, social and governance factors.

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When a massive blackout does hit – and it will – in literally one second, you can lose access to your money, food, gasoline, communication, medicine, medical attention, heat, air conditioning, and…security.

See the future of customer experience at G-Summit Europe in Amsterdam 10 – 12 September 2019. Make every moment count: Attend lively sessions, discover emerging technologies and learn from experts and peers.

On Monday, Sen. Kamala Harris and Rep. Pramila Jayapal will introduce the National Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights