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In 2019 people with the Business Platinum Card will be able to take advantage of some upgrades arriving with the new year. These new...

This move is in line with the streaming service rapidly expanding local programming on major continents.

60 Minutes
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he has no respect for the Securities and Exchange Commission during a "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday evening
Musk also said that no one has reviewed any of his tweets posted since his settlement with the SEC.
According to the settlement with the SEC, Tesla has until December 28 to put in place procedures to review any of Musk's communications that could contain material information.
In a statement to Business Insider, a Tesla spokesperson said "We…

LAS VEGAS (AP) - With drought entering a second decade and reservoirs continuing to shrink, seven Southwestern U.S. states that depend on the overtaxed Colorado River for crop irrigation and drinking water had been expected to ink a crucial share-the-pain contingency plan by the end of 2018
They're not going to make it - at least not in time for upcoming meetings in Las Vegas involving…

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Socialist President Nicolas Maduro further consolidated power in Venezuelan local elections Sunday, while accusing President Donald Trump of plotting to overthrow him
The majority of nearly 2,500 council seats spread across the crisis-stricken country went to members of Maduro's United Socialist Party of Venezuela, election officials loyal to Maduro said
After casting his ballot, Maduro spoke on state TV scoffing at Trump…

Ethiopia's recent changes are due largely to an uprising by young men from the largest ethnic group, the Oromo. Their inspiration: Jawar Mohammed, who created a media network in exile in Minnesota.

CNN's Fareed Zakaria EXPOSING The Trump Administration As a Criminal & Liar Networks #CNN, #CNNBreakingNews, #DonaldTrump #CNN, #CNNRightNow, #DonaldTrump Su...

Are you up for some wild speculation? Well, you’ve come to the right place as Netflix just announced the episode titles for Stranger Things season 3.

SANTA CLARA — A month ago, San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle pondered the Stone Cold Steve Austin action figure that sat atop his locker, in a cubbyhole almost »

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A former senior investigator fired by District Attorney George Gascon last year claims in a new lawsuit that the top prosecutor of San Francisco has repeatedly carried guns on planes »

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Through December 24th, you can shop for art, home décor, stationery, and personalized gifts of all sorts at Minted's very merry holiday pop-up. Yes indeedy, the folks at the popular online design marketplace for indie artists have transformed a Pac Heights brick-and-mortar into a winter wonderland. The star of the show: a shop-able art gallery filled with curated collections of limited-edition fine art of all types…

Realizing he doesn't have much time left, Glen McCarthy said that putting a smile on a child’s face is the true gift.

Brexiteers were urged to “take the deal and get out” of the European Union as MPs clashed ahead of Tuesday’s crucial Commons vote.
Tory deputy chairman James Cleverly made the plea in support of Theresa May’s deal, arguing that it delivered on what people voted for.
But he was opposed by arch-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg, Labour shadow cabinet minister Barry Gardiner and Green MP Caroline Lucas as they set out rival visions for the way ahead.

Treat the kids to a cozy, comfortable camping trip with the Loews Chicago Snowed Inn package, including spa and restaurant goodies for Mom & Dad, too.

Climate-related disasters are threatening nursing home patients in a health care system still unprepared for fires, flood and extreme heat.

Federal cleanup crews will spend months sifting through the rubble of the roughly 18,000 buildings destroyed by the Camp Fire to identify hazardous materials.

Treasures of the Church is a ministry dedicated to evangelization, run by Father Carlos Martins of the Companions of the Cross. Father Carlos uses multi-media to give a teaching on the Church's use of relics that is scriptural, catechetical, and devotional, leading to a renewal of the Catholic faith for many people. After the teaching, an exposition of relics gives the faithful an opportunity to venerate some of their favorite saints.

As we approach one of the biggest decisions in Britain’s modern history, we explore the options left on the table for the UK: Theresa May’s deal, a softer Br...

A body believed to be that of British backpacker Grace Millane has been found near a beauty spot on the outskirts of Auckland. The 22-year-old was last seen eight days ago in a hotel in the city centre.