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Nissan surveyed car buyers and owners around the world and found an unexpected love for sedans, especially among younger drivers

The Trump administration is considering effectively shutting down the country’s refugee resettlement program, according to a report, a scheme which has brought more than 3.5 million foreign nationals to the United States since 1980. According to three sources who spoke to Politico, federal immigration officials at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency and…

Agile might be a much derided buzzword but when marketers take their cues from software developers and begin to work in an ‘agile’ way it can offer big benefits to ways of working
‘Agile’ and ‘agility’ are much derided buzzwords. The much-publicised failures by the likes of Publicis to make themselves agile have not helped the view that it is the emperor’s new clothes.
However, a few recent experiences have changed my opinion. Firstly, I sat with some of the UK’s most respected…

5 Tweets Before Lunch is a summary of the content tweeted by my followers and me. Enjoy. by David Allen Ibsen

Misconceptions and 'best practices' may have your team spinning wheels rather than continuously churning out productive code

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Time to get your name on the Holiday Dungeness Crab 2019 Lists
Our Dungeness Crab Lists for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and NY's Eve 2019 has already started. This is a reminder to get your name on the list now. As you well know sometimes we run into weather and supply issues. Those whose name are first on the list have priority if any issues arise.
Every year we get asked when should they put their name on the list. Our answer is " as…

The House Oversight Committee's ranking member Rep. Jim Jordan released an explosive report Thursday revealing that the data the committee has obtained from Health and Human Services shows that 95 percent of illegal immigrant children

Today’s publishers look for high-quality print jobs in low runs to satisfy an on demand distribution model coupled with minimal inventory. Inkjet presses address these needs. To remain relevant, book printers devote resources to learning and implementing digital printing and finishing technologies
Above: With the VarioPrint i300 up and running and contributing to roughly eight percent of McNaughton & Gunn’s annual sales, the company averages two…

When temperatures rise, there's nothing better than cooling off at a pool deep in the wilds-and nowhere in the West more beautiful than these jaw-dropping spots.

If you run a company, you’re probably hyper-focused on growing your business and increasing sales. Not a lot of business owners consider the environment. But today, more and more consumers want to ch…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed Saturday that President Donald Trump's immigration agenda is about "ethnicity and racism.”

When the production team for the hit HBO show “Westworldâ€� approached MY Prints LA needing a lightweight solution for its costume designs, Steven Moreno, co-founder of the Los Angeles-based printer, became the “solutions guy.â€� The team working on the show brought Moreno a thick, heavy, embroidered fabric that needed to be recreated into a lightweight fabric so the actors would be more comfortable in the hot…

It will be easy for another researcher to work on your data. To understand the organization of the files and their format you will only need to refer them to this document. This is especially important if you are running your own lab and anticipate more than one person working on the same data over time. By using BIDS you will save time trying to understand and reuse data acquired by a graduate student or postdoc that has already left the lab

A great brand name can make you money, while a bad one can devalue your company.

What exactly can prepare a neophyte for her first encounter with 10,000 stinging insects? She was about to find out.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - From his first-round knockdown punches to his tenacious 12th-round finish, Manny Pacquiao gave yet another one-sided thrashing to Father Time
Keith Thurman was a whole lot tougher to beat, but the 40-year-old Filipino senator managed to win that vote as well
Pacquiao floored Thurman early and persevered late to an exciting split-decision victory Saturday night, adding a third straight win to his…

At just 17-years-old, Abhishek started the Homeless Benefactors Coalition, and on weekends, he spends time with the homeless.