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This is one of the key questions we ask clients as they begin their journey into the world of “Social� and social sales
While our sales teams should be leading the way, our organizational online presence is still critically important! Further, its the combination of our sales teams and their social presence, along with that of all the individuals of our organization that makes us an…

99 percent voted of Wellcare's stockholders voted in favor of adopting the merger agreement

One San Diego doctor, who’s responsible for one-third of all medical exemptions in the state, charges $180 per appointment.

By Christie Hicks and Andrew Barbeau As Illinoisans consider ways to drive down pollution and the costs of energy, one place to look is what they drive. The transportation sector has now overtaken the power sector as the leading source of carbon pollution in Illinois, responsible for nearly o

One of the biggest challenges facing a franchisee’s growth is their ability to execute a winning digital marketing strategy that is unfettered by a franchiser
A struggle often exists between a franchiser’s need to control their brand, and a franchisee’s desire to market their business through their own strategies
According to Jason Decker of Search Engine Land, franchises are failing at:
From poorly managed PPC campaigns,…

In 2017, $45 billion in digital advertising will be transacted through programmatic technologies. While this is impressive for a still young industry, it represents a mere fraction of what could be addressable when we unleash innovative technologies to solve the complex challenges facing advertising today
If properly nurtured, programmatic technologies that rely upon data and technology to deliver the hard to replicate combination of both precision…

Interpublic Group of Cos. chief built up holding company with more than 200 agency acquisitions.

The first half of 2019 saw an extraordinary eruption of important court decisions likely to leave lasting marks on the opioid crisis, the False Claims Act, the Affordable Care Act and Medicare reimbursement. Here, Law360 takes stock of consequential health care and life sciences rulings that lawyers need to know.

In the final episode of the series, Anita Rani investigates the tsunami of single-use plastic that parents pick up in the form of give-away toys. It turns out that McDonald's are the largest toy dist…

Clif Bar & Company wants you to know that it’s family-and employee-owned, so it does “what’s right for you and the planet, not the suits.”

Gambling companies should make sure that any advertising aimed at U.K. users is carefully considered in light of the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority's new guidance and increasingly strict application of rules, says Carlton Daniel of Squire Patton.

In 2016, she set out from Long Island, taking along dozens of "More Good" t-shirts to hand out to people who followed her journey online and agreed to host her for two or three nights.

Messages between a GOP strategist and a Census Bureau official make clear the politics and bias behind the proposed citizenship census question.

The latest fallout on Boris Johnson’s row and the cost to taxpayers for renovating the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new home lead Tuesday’s papers.
The Tory leadership hopeful kicks off a “fightback” today with a series of appearances designed to diffuse criticism that he has been avoiding media scrutiny, The Times reports.

Negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang entail the good, the bad, and the ugly of any relationship.

Southern Water has been hit with a record £126 million package of fines and customer rebates after "serious failures" in its sewage treatment sites and deliberately misreporting its performance, regulator Ofwat has announced
Customers of the utility company will now receive rebates of £61 over the next five years after Southern Water agreed to the package, which, given the size of the firm, is the largest…

With free agency looming, Bob Myers is set to try and keep Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant

The Democratic presidential debates are being billed as the fight of the century. They're obviously important, but they won't change everything.

Thunderstorms and torrential downpours slowly easing, leaving a legacy of cloud with further outbreaks of light rain lasting into the afternoon.
The best of the sunshine breaking through across western and southern areas, the latter becoming very warm and humid with a top temperature of 27 or 28 Celsius (81-82 F).
Cooler along North Sea coasts with highs nearer 14 to 16 Celsius (57-61F).

Is that a cannon? Underwater archaeologists scour the bottom of the York River for clues to the fate of doomed British warships.

Files include footage from body cams worn by officers at Jussie Smollett's home

Stanford offers $4.7 billion dollars for new housing and transit as part of a proposed expansion of its campus.

This story begins with a social media search and finishes with a happy ending. Novato-based photographer Angie Wilson took to social media to identify the couple in an engagement photo she snapped at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts in December 2015. Four days after Wilson first posted on February 23, the couple was identified as Salt Lake City residents Allison and Jonathan Kland.

It's hard to think of a more photogenic place to get married than San Francisco, and few capture its romantic beauty better than local wedding photographer Sasha Yevelev.