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Comedian Kevin Hart stepped down as host of this year’s Oscars after the internet dug up his old homophobic tweets. Some think this is PC culture gone too fa...

CRESCENT CITY, CA—"The milk is absolutely nowhere to be found," declared local husband and father Jake Matgard Friday as he stared directly at the jug of milk his wife had purchased and placed in the fridge not four hours before."Though I search high and low in this refrigerator, the milk hides itself from me," he lamented. "I …

RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL — Two days after a 32-point blowout of city stalwart Stuart Hall, Archbishop Riordan found itself in a first-half dogfight with a re-energized University boys’ basketball team »

MINNEAPOLIS - The celebration of Stanford's NCAA-record eighth national volleyball title was in full swing when the Cardinal players went flat on their backs to flap their arms and legs for snow angels in the confetti on the court
There was some exhaustion amid the exhilaration, too, after being pushed to the limit by defending champion Nebraska
Kathryn Plummer finished with 19 kills and 10 digs,…

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In its final episode before Christmas, "SNL" brought back Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump for a cold open sketch parodying "It's a Wonderful Life," dubbed "It's a Wonderful Trump."
In this version of the story, Baldwin's Trump feels despondent about the way his presidency is going and wishes that he had never become president. He's led on this journey by Clarence, played here by "SNL" regular Kenan Thompson.
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When it comes to learning about selling on Amazon, there is one expert I think of, Robyn Johnson. With the holiday season in full swing, we thought it would be a good idea to get some tips that could help our community out. Robyn gave us a ton of inf...

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I have to make some assumptions to answer your questions. So, you have no contour issues of your skin. You have concerns about the appearance of your skin. My reply will be focused soley on your skin surface, which is damaged = skin rejuvenation
You have many options. The real question is what do want to be improved? As I have no pictures of “your” concern, I have to respond with…

Though it may leave you with some ridiculous ditties resounding in your head, “Bathtubs Over Broadway” is a completely enjoyable documentary about “industrial” musicals — big-budget stage productions commissioned by »

New Jersey Democrats scrapped plans to vote on a proposal to overhaul how legislative districts are drawn after numerous progressive and voting-advocacy groups criticized it.

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Walter and Raymond Cichon "were gods to me," the Boss remembers during his Broadway show, which closes Saturday but launches on Netflix.

LIFE-THREATENING WAVES: The National Weather Service tweeted a dire warning that you could die if you get too close to the water, especially San Francisco's Ocean Beach this weekend.

More and more people are fleeing the Bay Area for a less taxing lifestyle. Betty Yu tells us they're heading just across the state line to tax-free Nevada.

More than 300,000 federal workers could be sent home without pay as Trump and Democrats face off over border wall.

It’s not enough just to defeat Trump in 2020. Democrats need a blueprint for the future.

With a few good recipes, you can easily feed everyone at the table an impressive gluten-free holiday meal!

Julia de Burgos’s life spanned Puerto Rico’s full entrenchment as a colony of the United States, while her public life as the island’s most celebrated and acclaimed poet took place against the backdrop of the twentieth-century’s global conflict between fascism and democracy. The problems Puerto Ricans face today, as their impoverished island fights for survival in an era when the international order seems to be coming…

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Sailor Susie Goodall is back on dry land more than nine days after her boat capsized 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn in the Golden Globe Race.

Find all tickets for all The 1975 upcoming shows. Discover The 1975 concert details and information. Explore The 1975 photos, videos, and more from past shows.

Democrats are seizing on a Texas judge’s decision to amplify their argument that the GOP wants to deny protection for millions of Americans with preexisting medical conditions.

These custom suiting companies are doing their part to fashion the suit with nothing but high style and dapper flair for all.

Who doesn't love a seasonal sangria? The way I see it, it's just another wine pairing. Right? Since it is Christmas time, I wanted this one to not only resemble the holiday flavors but also the colors. If you ask me, it is simply beautiful.

Since the mass shooting at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif., last month, there's been more than 70 events - memorials, vigils and fundraisers — for the families of the victims.