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Whether someone is interested in creating a t-shirt design for business or for personal reasons, knowing how to go about the process is a concern. Designing requires a bit of advance preparation, a splash of creativity, and the knowledge in how to position the design in a manner that attracts attention. Here are some tips to consider when getting started with a t-shirt design
Know The Target Audience
Before starting the actual designing of a shirt, it is important to know exactly whose…

The new musical comedy Beetlejuice will open on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre (1634 Broadway) on April 25, 2019, but first the musical has its world premiere at The National Theatre in Washington D.C., and officially opened yesterday.

Posted on Oct 30, 2018
People love being scared. We love it so much we have an entire holiday devoted to scary things: Halloween. Science backs up the reasons why we love horror movies and celebrate creepy things: we embrace the excitement and energy part of the “fight or flight” instinct. So we get ourselves all worked up to get that rush from screaming and getting freaked out
Everyone has their favorite monsters. Some people dress up like them. I have my favorite…

Your wedding is the most personal event you will ever throw, and also the most focused on clothing. What the bride and groom wear may be center-stage, but your bridesmaids and groomsmen are what set the scene. The colors and styles your bridesmaids wear, the matching ties and
of the men, and the special adornment worn by the honored parents are all part of the show. And the best part is that the lucky couple gets to decide how it all comes…

Promotional Products for Office, Admin and School This awesome desk organizer comes packed in a cube filled with notepad, sticky notes and flags. The cube fl... Go behind the scenes and see how Sonos created Amp, the versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment and conne...

What do you do when your get up and go gets up and leaves and all you really want to do is call in sick? Tips on how to get your motivation back!

The Arthritis Foundation is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention, control and cure of arthritis in the United States.

Want to bring the fall feeling to your next event? An empty hall space was converted into an Autumn wonderland with our Woodlands collection.

The next big thing in technology is a really old thing: The Living Plant! Graphic: Courtesy GPGB
I never get tired of talking to people about the many benefits of plants and nature in the places we live, work, and play. But I admit it’s sometimes a challenge to figure out new ways to help people get the message
The nonprofit organization Green Plants for Green Buildings has been thinking about this, too. My fellow board members and I put our heads together…

Serving Kearny Mesa, San Diego, California (CA), Kearny Mesa Toyota is the place to purchase your next New Toyota Prius. View photos and details of our entire new inventory.

A group of military veterans have become eco-warriors trying to save coral reef off the coast of Florida. The Force Blue team is made of some of America's be...

Posted on Oct 10, 2018
How long do plants live? Guess how old this one is – it’s older than my kids! Answer below in the blog post. Photo: BIll Meade
I’ve read several times recently that Millennials are filling up their lives with plants as substitutes for traditional pets like dogs and cats, and even kids! It’s true that plant sales have increased since 2016
This caused me to think about house plants as pets. We love our dogs, our cats, our…

Tofu Ryouri - An online cooking program to help you cook healthier with Japanese tofu!

Serving Kearny Mesa, San Diego, California (CA), Kearny Mesa Toyota is the place to purchase your next Toyota. View photos and details of our entire new inventory.

The Sierra State Parks Foundation has invested $27,832 towards the completion of the Emerald Bay Maritime Heritage Trail since 2016. SSPF contracted for the production of underwater interpretive signs for use at four sunken boat and barge locations at Emerald Bay State Park, including the production of a ‘dive card’ about these sites. We funded the design and fabrication of the underwater blocks and associated interpretive…

September 17, 2018 Tofu Ryouri - Cooking with Tofu Cookbook All Day I Eat - like a shark Tofu Ryouri - Simple Japanese tofu recipes to eat healthier at home Hi! I'm Pat Tokuyama, creator of all day i eat like a shark, a weekly blog/youtube Blog

Test your musical theatre knowledge with a look at the stage shows that were inspired by movies.

Serving Kearny Mesa, San Diego, California (CA), Kearny Mesa Toyota is the place to purchase your next New Toyota Tacoma. View photos and details of our entire new inventory.

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quarter. Once all quarters are played add up total points
for the game
To Qualify:
Limited to one scratcher game card per qualifying invoice of $400 or more. Promotion valid for walk-in business only. Delivery orders do not qualify. See Term and Conditions below.
Terms & Conditions
1. Allied Refrigeration, Inc., is solely responsible for creating and administering the 400 Bowl Game Cards. 2. Allied…

Many people suffer from inaccurate ideas about what certain brake symptoms really mean. Read this article that debunks three common myths about brakes.