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San Diego County will have enough water for 2019 in spite of low rainfall and high temperatures over the past year, the San Diego County Water Authority announced Monday.

“His ardent support for this amoral man betrayed the values that we hold as Republicans and as Christians,” Andrew Shinn, a business professor at Fresno Pacific University, wrote.

We have the knowledge, policies and innovation to transition to low-carbon energy. But we need political leadership and greater collaboration to make it happen.

The White House and Trump are clearly outraged over what poor Brett Kavanaugh had to endure before becoming the newest right-leaning corporate justice on the Supreme Court. They are livid and ...

We need to reinvent our core technologies so we can sustainably and equitably deliver innovation to a computer-hungry world.

Also in this week's round-up: the work landscape in 2022 and what really killed the dinosaurs.

The 2018 North County Water Symposium highlighted efforts by the San Diego County Water Authority to ensure water reliability to San Diego’s economy.

From healthcare to farming, drones can benefit Indian society in myriad ways. And now that the government has issued its first drone regulations, the sector could finally be about to take off.

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Guild's 3-2-1 Home program offers affordable lending for first-time homebuyers. With as little as 3% down, buyers can receive a $2,000 gift card to The Home ...

Sanford Programs wants to recognize and reward 50 of the nation's top inspiring teachers - one from each U.S. state. The Sanford Teacher Award includes a gift of $50,000 for ONE selected winner and $10,000 for each of the remaining finalists!

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More than $3.5 billion in regional water investments by San Diego County ratepayers mean water supplies will meet demands regardless of the weather.

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If you recently started a podcast, you have stiff competition. Podcasts are proliferating on the internet, and they fill every niche. How many active podcasts exist is hard to estimate, but there are an uncountable number of them listed on iTunes, even if you are only looking in the history category. And that does not include the local ones like the ones stationed here in San Diego. The university has class lessons broadcast on a podcast, and there is a local podcast that…

Signing this petition means you want estate homes for the wealthy and big box stores instead of public open space and attainable homes for working families. Decline to sign.

Selling the land to a conservancy ensures the popular Fallbrook hiking destination will remain preserved and open to the public forever,

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The Membership Networking & Information Mixer is a FREE event and a great way to meet and network with other owners, property managers, and suppliers to the rental housing industry in San Diego.

Company completes $28.6 million pipeline project in La Mesa
October 08, 2018
After 60 years of work to upgrade the regional aqueduct system, Vista-based L.H. Woods & Sons, Inc., was honored by the San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors upon completion of the company’s final project for the agency
On Sept. 27, the Board formally marked the successful conclusion of the $28.6 million Lake…

Measure W in National City and Prop. 10 propose flawed plans that will actually increase rents and make it harder for new renters to find an apartment.