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War and sexual assault are two issues that continue to affect countless people. A few of the selections at the UCSD Theatre & Dance: Wagner New Play Festival, How to Defend Yourself and SERE handle these subjects in ways that are highly impactful.

When it comes to personal computers, people seem to understand the security risks involved fairly well. Most people have some sort of anti-virus or -malware software on their computers and understand connecting your computer to a free Wi-Fi network can be risky. But people don’t seem to have that same sense of danger when it comes to their cellphones. According to a recent McAfee Consumer Electronics Show (CES) survey , 52% of respondents are either unsure of or have no idea how to…

Through the public Right-of-Way enhancement program, merchants with ground-level storefronts in the twelve Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) will now be able to use the sidewalks in front of their businesses to place A-frame signs, limited displays of merchandise, and outdoor cafes without railings. The Public Right of Way Enhancement/Use Program (PROW) is a program designed to provide a lively experience for pedestrians and diners and give…

You can buy a card or flowers for Mother's Day, but you might want to rethink the holiday this year and enjoy one of these time honored ways to celebrate Mom.

VITAS nurses make a difference in the lives of patients every day — few jobs are as rewarding.

A facility manager’s job is about more than just managing a facility—it’s also about managing your employees as a leader. Author Simon Sinek recently gave an inspiring talk about how to solicit the best ideas, and the concept is simple: as a manager, your job is to be the last one to speak
Let’s say you have a dilemma and you convene a meeting to solicit ideas. What many managers do is open with a remark like, “we need to meet X goal,…

From an entire generation of baseball fans, this is our tribute and thanks to number 19 in our scorecard, number one in our hearts.

Young and old took part in the 16th annual Intergenerational Games in Chula Vista last month. They each got to learn a little bit about each other while doing some cool activities.

Audiences and critics are raving about South Pacific
"An entire review could (maybe should) be devoted to Agustine Welles' bursting-with-personality performance as the lead Seabee, Luther Billis. It's a meaty part to begin with, but Welles absolutely owns the role, lending hilarity and a big dose of Arnold Horshack Brooklyn-ese to such numbers as "Theres nothing like a dame"
"Emile and Nellie must create magic, and…

Losing your husband, wife, or partner is one of life's most painful experiences. Here are 8 practical suggestions to help move toward healing.

The 2012 LinkedIn breach, along with other old third-party breaches, is still paying dividends for criminals, who now have free access to 1.4 billion previously exposed email addresses and passwords.

Thermal imaging cameras have been around since the Korean War. But in recent years, thanks to technological breakthroughs and cost savings, facility managers have found ways to use this technology to detect early signs of building deficiencies, troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems, and prevent other problems before they cause serious damage
The idea behind thermal imaging is that all objects warmer than absolute zero emit thermal…

We hope our white paper on cyber hardening your physical security infrastructure gives you additional thoughts on how to protect your physical security systems from cyber criminals. Viakoo automates (through creating a digital twin) knowing how your systems are behaving. When they fail we get you to the root cause of problems, and we provide advanced warning when issues start to arise. The award-winning Viakoo Predictive…

About the Forest Management Framework for New York City
A joint project of the Natural Areas Conservancy and NYC Parks, the Forest Management Framework for New York City is a strategic and comprehensive plan to bolster and protect New York City’s vital urban forests. It is the first citywide vision for this critical piece of infrastructure. The plan is intended to guide restoration, management, and community…

Bookshelves may seem like the obvious solution to your book storage challenges, but there are other fun ways to store and display your library.

Before you grab that first paint chip, figure out your needs, your decorating style and what to get rid of

Volunteer workers play a significant role for hospice providers, so VITAS is pleased to celebrate April 15-21 as National Volunteer Week.

Despite numerous studies and 30-plus genomes under their belts, scientists are still struggling to nail down the defining traits of these tall, long-lived, woody plants

Golfers worry erosion, like that at Royal North Devon Golf Club, is washing away the game's history.

Information Assurance Consultant, Peta Bunbury, talks leading edge technology, protecting critical national infrastructure and the growing number women in th...

Pakistan, the Philippines and Bangladesh are also exposed to extreme weather, according to HSBC.

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