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Get tickets to PINK FOXX PRESENTS: PRINCESSES AT THE PALACE at Comedy Palace - Main Room, San Diego, CA on 07/11/19

Get tickets to Comedy Palace Comedy Showcase (Main Room 9:30PM) at Comedy Palace - Main Room, San Diego, CA on 06/15/19

Get tickets to Comedy Palace Comedy Showcase (Main Room 7:30PM) at Comedy Palace - Main Room, San Diego, CA on 06/15/19

Taking a bike ride is a great way to exercise. This low-impact cardio activity is a fun way to reach your aerobic activity goals.

The destruction was a good excuse for the two homeowners to renovate, despite the bad start and the difference in their design preferences.

Being supportive and understanding is crucial to helping the victim acknowledge the crime and move forward from it.

When a family with a thing for the classic muscle cars gets together, eight well-kept ‘ponies’ are part of the celebration.

Styles and tastes evolve. What seemed user friendly in 1960 may seem dated or unattractive today. Fundamental principles of good architecture always outlast fads. Smart room proportions, often based on the Golden Mean or 2/3 ratio, have resonated with home dwellers since Roman times.

Venture capitalists who pumped billions into the largest startups bet that the stock market would embrace them too. Public investors have been less than charmed.

New businesses, especially in an emerging industry such as fintech, require careful planning and thought.

What we feed our cats is very important, but an often-overlooked aspect of cat heath is how we feed them. Providing the proper environment for feeding will make your cat happier and help them avoid overfeeding or underfeeding.

Picture the ESF 2019 as a shopping trolley — packed to overflowing. This one-off creation from Mercedes-Benz is filled with ideas for improving safety in future cars, not only for those inside the vehicle but also other road users.

The state Supreme Court Thursday upheld the death sentence for a former Imperial Beach man who molested and strangled two young boys in 1993 after luring them into a homemade "fort."

Securing corporate data and networks from hackers is complex and challenging, but companies compound their problems by making many needless errors, according to serial entrepreneur and hacker Dug Song.

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A TODDLER was electrocuted to death after she put the lead of a phone charger in her mouth while it was still plugged into the wall. The child had been playing alone at a home in Jahangirabad, Indi…

There are a lof of fun things to do in San Diego this Memorial Day weekend. Go out and have fun with your friends or family and be grateful to those who sacrificed so we can!

Fintech Business is focused on the evolving Australian Fintech community and its projection on the global stage.

When will Americans wake up to the considerable charms of rosato? It comes in multiple shades of pink and a range of flavor profiles suited to diverse dishes and drinking occasions.

Increase TBM power.”
In the unlikely case that a fire does occur, the tunnel’s ventilation system will remove the smoke to allow passengers to safely evacuate.

How automating cash and check processing can help school districts thrive on tight budgets
Budgets are tight in all industries, but perhaps none more than education. Doing more with less is business as usual for school districts, and it seems as though each year the budget gets tighter. When you're already at a bare-bones budget, what do school districts do to cut their budgets even more
Slashing classroom funds further isn't on the table, and combining classes so that they're filled to the…

Southern California residents are lucky that we get year-round moderate temperatures which make outdoor dining a breeze. With the gradual transition between spring and summer, we are entering our peak season for spending long sun-soaked evenings lingering over delicious meals and great company in the comfort of our very own backyards. In honor of the …

We’re Lehigh Hanson. Our products build cities and towns, including stadiums that hold thousands of fans, and bridges that support millions of vehicles. We have thousands of employees across hundreds of locations in the U.S. and Canada, making us North America’s leading supplier of cement, aggregates, ready mixed concrete, asphalt and related construction materials
We might be a big…

ChemDiv - a vast collection of diverse screening compounds and small molecule libraries for accelerated discovery chemistry.

ChemDiv - a vast collection of diverse screening compounds and small molecule libraries for accelerated discovery chemistry.

Bugs, pools, bears and other seasonal misconceptions that put your health at risk.

iEnhance connects people looking to enhance their look with a directory of cosmetic surgery experts and information for enhancing their body, image, and health.

ChemDiv - a vast collection of diverse screening compounds and small molecule libraries for accelerated discovery chemistry.

What makes a successful open house? We went to the experts and sought out the best tips, tricks, and advice for throwing an unfortable open house.

Crazy but true: Countries with faster-growing economies often produce lower—not higher—stock-market returns.

Kristen Livingston decided to join the mortgage business in 2013 after working on the Institutional Sales Team for an investment management firm in San Francisco. As a Mortgage Consultant with RWM Home Loans, she is passionate about helping clients with their mortgage needs and works hard to make the loan process as smooth as possible. She completed the Future Leaders Program with California MBA and is…