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Personally, I don’t think of astrological aspects as either bad or good
Instead, I think of every astrological event such as transits, progressions, lunations and similar, as great opportunities to live my very best life
What Are Astrological Transits?
Not all astrologers in current times believe in the value of predictive astrology.
Some astrologers…

Despite eradicating polio at the beginning of the century, Papua New Guinea is experiencing another bout with the disease. The country joins over a dozen countries that have new cases of polio despite eradicating it in the past. What's the cause? Vaccination rates that have plummeted in the last 18 years.

Dave Johannes, executive VP of strategic initiatives for the Moore DM Group and a thINK board member, shares some of his thoughts on the inkjet printing industry, as well as observations from this year's thINK Conference.

Digital Knob LED Controllers allow users to precisely control 12V to 24V color changing (RGB or RGBW) LED lights. Each rotary knob on the controller represents one channel and digitally controls the

The entrepreneurial bug bites and you are ready to start your own construction company. Where do you begin in how to start a construction company?

Patient review: "I did my deep cleaning here. Dr. Chadkewicz is super professional and helpful!"

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The prevailing opinion in the hair extension world is that micro loop hair extensions tend to be the least damaging to host hair
Is that really true?
The real answer? It depends.
Whether or not micro loop hair extensions will ruin hair depends on a range of variables including, but not limited to the following:
The expertise of the hair expansionist applying the micro loops.
A hair extension person who specializes…

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Yes, alcoholism is officially classified as a disease by the American Medical Association
A Physical And Mental Disease
Addiction is classified as both a physical and mental disease
Alcohol, drug, and related addictions are considered to be treatable brain diseases.
Addiction has also been found to be directly linked to impulse controls triggered in…

Patient review: "Dr. S.Chadkewicz is very kind and patient, explaining every question i had clearly."

Patient review: "Professional service and very friendly staff.
I highly recommend Dr. Chadkewicz, I had a pretty good experience."

GQ on the law explains Special Needs Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Guardianship. Special needs trusts are required if a beneficiary receives any type of government assistance due to disability, incapacity, or special needs. Without a Special Needs Trust, the special needs beneficiary could forfeit any government assistance for medical care or other support. In this show Gary Quackenbush explains ways to create and use a Special needs Trust. GQ Law.

New watch can detect AFib and other heart health issues, providing diagnostic data as well as peace of mind.

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We’re a wellness and personal care company that believes your products are only as good as the science they stand on.

Learn how virtual design and construction is being used by companies around the world to improve business performance objectives and help keep projects on time and on schedule.

Subcontractors using eSUB crush double entry through accounting integrations with Sage 300, Key2Act, and Viewpoint Vista. Learn more.

Restorative dentistry is meant to return beauty and functionality to your smile. If your teeth have become damaged due to trauma, gum disease, or tooth decay, then a restorative dentist can help.

If you can't speak for yourself, you will need a Health Care Directive to appoint someone to speak on your behalf regarding healthcare, life support, and organ donation decisions
GQ LAW and Marty Schneider have a lively discussion on their live radio show covering this importatn estate planning topic
Minor children need to have a Guardian nominated to prevent them from being placed in the foster…

For one year, Brazilian officials attempted to stop the country's worst yellow fever outbreak in a century. The virus spread through the rural areas, making it to bigger cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Researchers recently found that the outbreak moved so quickly via contact between humans and local monkeys.

Meet Party Hero Sean
Our spunkiest and most adventurous party hero!
Sean started working at the San Diego Ice Arena during the summer of 2018. He did such a great job during his first couple months of summer that he quickly got promoted to hosting parties in August of 2018.
Sean started playing hockey for the San Diego Ice Arena Oilers at the age of 11 and since then, the San Diego Ice Arena has been a second home for this young and…

Delivery or Full Service Buffet Available
Six person minimum order. Buffet Packages are packed up in a Ready-to-Serve Party Pack. Can be picked up from any of our locations. Delivery or full-service available (see “Catering Details”)
Each Buffet includes: rice & beans, salsa bar, chips, red, green & chunky salsa, guacamole, and hot carrots. Plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving utensils are also included
Delivery fee:…

There are plenty of ways to alter your credit during your home search. These dos and don’ts will help you maintain your credit while you find your dream home.

New England's professional indoor lacrosse team. Make your weekends wilder when you come to see the Black Wolves play at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut.

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