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When I was in my very early 20s in college I was often told I looked a lot like Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac
Publicity photo from I Dream of Jeannie . Pictured are the Blue Djinn (Michael Ansara) and Jeannie (Barbara Eden).
Sometimes I was told I looked like Jeannie on I Dream Of Jeannie (see above).
Other times I was told I looked like Goldie Hawn.
Even now people…

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Back in the late 1990s I was the Manager of Technical Communications and Technical Training for a software company
One of teams consisted of technical writers and online help developers.
A Problem Team Member
On that particular team I had a problem team member by the name of Brad.
I’d inherited him from a different corporate team of his male buds who didn’t have the guts to just go ahead and…

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Yes. Absolutely
I was working for a start-up telephony software company in Richardson, Texas (suburb of Dallas) for approximately four years when I was offered a really sweet offer at another firm.
I had not solicited the offer. I had been approached by an executive at a new firm looking to recruit talent.
The position was a big advancement in my career path with a much bigger salary and benefits.

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While there are limited options for making your super short hair look longer without extensions, you can try the following actions
Flat iron your hair to remove any texture. It may not help a lot, but it could help a little bit. Every little bit helps.
Keep in mind that any type of texture, including a curl or a wave, can give the impression, it’s even shorter than it is.

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When it comes to hair extensions there really are no best kinds
What works best for one person may not work well at all for other people.
HairUWear Hair Extensions - HairBoutique.com - All Rights Reserved
Keep in mind the following hair extension variables when searching for what is best:
1. Compatibility With Native Hair. The best hair extensions are those which are most compatible with your own hair type, texture,…

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Hair extensions are becoming very popular with men, including football players. Some pros have naturally grown hair, but more are going with a variety of extensions including micro and sewn-in braids
How can you tell if the hair is natural or not? It might be difficult in most cases since professional football players can afford to get the very best hair and pay for the top extension professionals.
There are a…

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Just as there are a dizzying array of add-on hair options there are just as many options for hair extension applications
The primary types of hair extensions include, but aren’t limited to:
Clip-in extensions (may need to be taken out before sleeping)
Clip-in bangs (fringes) ponytails, braids, buns, chignons or etc.,
Weave hair extensions where the add-on hair is woven into tiny braid (cornrow) anchors on the scalp.
These are great…

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When I was 17 years old I met an astrologer at my full time Summer job working for the US Federal government. Ironically her name was also Karen
I liked her instantly. I don’t know if it was because her name was the same as mine or just because she was incredibly cool and mysterious.
Trading Astrology Readings
After we chatted a few times she offered to exchange astrological readings with…

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Of course it’s acceptable to add”interesting” color to your hair over the age of 40
I currently have a business client whose mother is in her 90s and has purple hair to match her mid-60s daughter’s hair.
It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.
The mother/daughter duo go to the same hair colorist and he agreed to whip up matching shades of purple for their hair. They also got similar short…

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No. While Kool-Aid can be very messy, will instantly drip all over you if you get caught in the rain and may destroy clothing, towels and bedsheets, it is not damaging to hair
Kool-Aid hair dyes are literally made from the powder drink mix you whip up into a big smiling picture of refreshing liquid for your body.
It doesn’t contain any type of chemicals which normal hair dyes or colors…

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Please don’t shoot the messenger, but the only way to get rid of split ends which are really high up your hair shaft
Yes, there are many products which advertise they can fix split ends, but they really can’t, other than very temporarily.
The only permanent way of removing splits which may migrated up your hair shaft is to cut them off. If you don’t they will continue to migrate up…

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