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Hopefully, I’m not alone in confusing San Diego’s collection of ranch communities. We have Bressi Ranch, Scripps Ranch, and Carmel Mountain Ranch, plus lesser knowns Black Mountain Ranch and Fairbanks Ranch. Most are suburban enclaves clustered within the broad expanse between the 5 and 15 freeways in North County, making them easy for outsiders to confuse, even without the slew of adjacent Ranchos: Bernardo, Peñasquitos, and…

Looking back, 2018 proved to be a pivotal year across industries for the widespread adoption and integration of smart capabilities, automation, and adap...

Racism remains deeply embedded in South Africa nearly 25 years after minority rule ended, writes Fergal Keane.

England is recycling more plastic than ever - but for this to continue, the system needs to change.

No pizza, but Buona Forchetta's wine bar makes a good sandwich
When word broke last year that the hip Italian restaurant in my neighborhood was opening a bodega on the same block, it primed me for a 2018 anticipating all the authentic, imported delights it would bring. In all my musings about how great it would be to have Roman pizza and take-home pasta sauces a short walk from home, it never once occurred to me that my first big takeaway would be…

A truce agreed at UN-brokered talks last week was violated almost immediately, officials say.

Dolphins, wild pets, migrating birds, DDT and local pelicans, local sharks, impounded dogs, the difference between man and beasts
Image by Robert Burroughs
“And if these animals are so happy and so tame, then why are they kept in cages?" asks Martha Hall, who runs a wildlife rescue center in Alpine. In the case of Mrs. Wolfs cougar, the cage protects the animal from people, not vice versa. But Hall dislikes all cages—especially the ones she must clean every day
San Diego fairly…

TUCSON, Ariz. (December 14, 2018) – The Sundt Foundation awarded a total of $18,500 in grants to nine Tucson-area nonprofits during its fourth-quarter disbursements
“Being able to live our company’s purpose in the community where we got our start is very important for our employee-owners,” said Randy Rusing, the Sundt Foundation’s board President. “The nine nonprofits that received funding are very worthy causes.”
Fourth-quarter grants include…

1) Name
Chris Childers
2) How did you get to gap intelligence?
I was born and raised in San Diego and even ended up going to school in North Co...

The “ring rain” that falls into the gas giant is so abundant that the icy bands could disappear in 300 million years, or even sooner.

While using a dating app, you spark up a conversation with a girl who admits to being 15 years old. You decide to continue exchanging flirtatious texts and pictures with the girl. Then, you decide you want to meet her in person. When the time for the meeting comes, you realize it is not a … Continue reading "Is it a Crime to Set Up a Meeting with a Minor? (PC 288.4)"

Do you have leftover PVC pipe sitting in your garage or workshop? These quick and easy DIY Organizers will put that PVC pipe to work organizing your workshop...

As part of their holiday giving campaign, watch as Padres players -- including pitchers Craig Stammen and Joey Lucchesi -- and front office members visit with homeless children at the Monarch School to give presents and spread cheer.

Ladder behind the 7-Eleven was the clue
Residents and business owners in Pacific Beach have taken it upon themselves to help tackle the problem of rooftop encampments
Vacant Garnet building. "We found stashed belongings – but no people – on top of another building by using the drone.”
“We get lots of backlash,” one member who wished to remain anonymous told me. “We are a large group of PB Neighborhood Watch & Crime Watch residents and business owners. We have high thefts in…

The Latest Car Safety Features
Vehicle safety technology has become an ever-increasing focus of design in new cars. Auto manufacturers recognize people who are seeking new vehicles want the best car safety features available to keep themselves and their families safe. This push towards safety is aided by advances in technology and legislative requirements. Backup cameras in vehicles, for example, were once a luxury add-on, but…

EL PASO, Texas (December 17, 2018) – Sundt Construction, Inc. ( ) was selected as the contractor for the Texas Department of Transportation’s I-10 Connect project last month. The $91 million project will add ramps, auxiliary lanes and direct connectors between I-10, I-110, U.S. 54, and Loop 375 (Cesar Chavez Border Highway)
“We’re excited to be selected for this project; it’s very important to improve…

Hub International Ltd. has acquired the assets of Apex Insurance Benefits LLC in Blackfoot, Idaho. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Troy Goodwin,

Experience a different kind of holiday chill with a weekend in San Diego.

Gorst & Compass Insurance has expanded its Northern California operations with the opening of an office in Napa, Calif. and has named Katie Sholders,

Many children have been killed in a recent string of deadly school bus accidents. School bus driving safety is essential. Learn the laws in the Dashers auto insurance blog.

“I don’t think getting to the state tournament is good enough for this group. We’re going to be pretty darn good.”

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The Queen film Bohemian Rhapsody has officially become the highest-grossing music biopic of all time, earning over $608.7 million globally as of 12 December

Choosing bathroom lighting is an important (and sometimes overwhelming!) decision. Read on for tips on how to pick the right lighting for your space.

This simple vanilla Bundt cake has plenty of freshly grated nutmeg to nod to the flavor of old-fashioned doughnuts But since it’s baked rather than fried, it also gets a generous coating of melted butter while it’s still warm to give it some of that doughnut richness Then it’s coated in cinnamon-sugar

The coffees heading into the Fifth Annual Força Café Championship auction Dec. 18 are impressive, delicious—and important. Bidding begins Dec. 18.

What word comes to mind when you hear San Francisco public schools? If the word is innovative, then you’ve clearly been paying close attention to what’s happening in schools across »

How a San Diego dentist’s historical German beer became an American medal winner
So, what’s a lichtenhainer
I wondered too. The unsurprising answer would be that it’s a style of beer attributed to Lichtenhain, in the heartland of Germany. More to the point: it’s a smoked sour beer
This award-winning homebrewed lichtenhainer pours with a frothy head.
Image by Scott Rauvola
There’s a great reason most…