Business in Old Town - San Diego, CA

For 35 years, Ruth D'Eredita tried to dismiss her former professor's behavior — the way he touched her, groped her and kissed her. But last year, as

Florida's insurance regulator has issued an emergency order that ensures "additional protections" to Florida policyholders – including freezing any rate

Laboratories frequently “reclassify” genetic mutations. But there is no reliable system for telling patients or doctors that the results of their genetic tests are no longer valid.

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals from Sherwin-Williams Co. and Conagra Brands Inc., leaving intact a ruling that requires them to pay more than

An initiative that would fund an expansion of San Diego's bayfront convention center will go before voters, the City Council decided, but no decision has been made yet whether that election will be in 2019 or 2020.

Just over three years ago, I enrolled in a little known coding bootcamp in Portland called Epicodus. At the time, coding bootcamps were still a bit of a...

Focusing on subtleties makes sense when you’re engaged in a conversation. It may be less useful when that conversation turns into a battle.

Now and then our lectionary provides a reading that lines up perfectly with what’s going on in the world or the church. We don’t pick the ...

If any state agency must be competently managed, it should be the ones virtually all Californians have to deal with.

San Diego film festival proceeds with sidelong glance
Trey Nichols' Deep Dish Apocalypse. Nichols made a suggestion for the protestors and the hotel management
At the glass door entrances by the hotel loop, there were stanchions separating us from two of the protestors. “We are on strike [and] we ask you not to spend any money here — all the workers here are on strike: spend money somewhere else.”
I was handed a flier that read in part “DO NOT SLEEP, MEET, OR…

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