Local Services in San Diego, CA

Norman Foster is helping the Andhra Pradesh government build a new sustainable state capital. Here are the key elements.

In Brazil – which has a notoriously violent penal system – a non-profit organization has achieved astounding success running prisons where there are no weapons and inmates have keys.

Everyone loves to take along their furry friend to the park! But whether you're going hiking or just taking laps around a County park, make sure you follow these tips to ensure you and your pet stay safe on the trail. For more information visit sdparks.org.

The pseudo satellites orbiting our planet are made from dust.

Contact: Tanya Castaneda, (619) 686-6330, tcastaneda@portofsandiego.org
The Port of San Diego has been honored with a total of eight prestigious awards in two international competitions for its professional marketing, communications and public outreach campaigns, as well as its website and overall brand
MarCom Awards recognized the Port of San Diego with seven awards in the Platinum, Gold and Honorable Mention categories. Separately, the WebAward Competition honored…

Everything we do, from walking to dreaming, is controlled or regulated by electrical signals.

Contact: Marguerite Elicone, melicone@portofsandiego.org
The Shelter Island Boat Launch Facility Improvement Project has made significant progress and the heavy construction work is now entering its final weeks. The Port of San Diego anticipates that public access to the boat ramp will be restored in December 2018; an announcement will be made once the ramp is safe for use
The entire project, which includes associated site work…

Is there an earthquake fault near your home, your workplace or your child’s school? Or perhaps you live or work in a floodplain, high-risk wildfire area or a tsunami inundation zone. If so, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk in some cases, register for emergency notifications, and to better prepare your family for an emergency.

COPD affects over 24 million Americans and our community stretches across all 50 states. View the prevalence rate for each state on our interactive map.

Concern about cyber-attacks is growing but unemployment and underemployment represent the biggest risk worldwide, according to a new World Economic Forum report.

New research from Imperial College London aims to target the protein viruses latch to, rather than the viruses themselves.

A team of volunteers are renovating unwanted, discarded and forgotten bicycles to help new arrivals get around town.

More people die from breathing unclean air in Europe every year than are killed in road traffic accidents. Isn’t it time something was done?

Rose Luckin, a professor of learning-centered design at University College London, believes kids will need seven types of intelligence to thrive in the future.