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Contact: Brianne Mundy Page, 619.348.1518, bpage@portofsandiego.org
As part of efforts to ensure that all Californians and visitors from a variety of backgrounds and incomes are able to enjoy the area’s full range of coastal experiences, the Port of San Diego has issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) from well-qualified firms to develop and/or operate lower cost overnight accommodations. This could include, but is not limited to…

Rudy Giuliani claims the Moscow tower was barely more than a notion. “There were no drafts. Nothing in the file.” Documents obtained by BuzzFeed News tell a different story
BuzzFeed News; Wikimedia; Getty Images; Trump Tower rendering provided to BuzzFeed News
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The plan was dazzling: a glass skyscraper that would stretch higher than any other building in Europe, offering ultra-luxury residences and…

* Time estimates are for convenience only and do not constitute part of the schedule. The first morning session will begin at 9 a.m. and the following morning sessions may start at any time after 9 a.m. Afternoon sessions may start at any time after 1 p.m. The Board meeting will start no earlier than 2:30 p.m., or following the conclusion of the last committee meeting.

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Read Your Mind - Chair Dance Choreography by Tiffany C of VenusNine Creative. One take videography by DZ 9 friends from a studio come together with just 4 pr...

In a world of rising nationalism and self-interest, the European project guarantees human dignity and the rule of law – but it is under threat from within writes Germany's defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen.

Not in Davos? It doesn't matter. Here's your guide to following all the key sessions of the week via livestream, from Angela Merkel to David Attenborough.

Ukrainian oligarch Pavel Fuks worked with Rudy Giuliani in 2017 in Ukraine. He also attended a Trump inaugural event.

A UN agreement, market action and Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies together offer a new opportunity to crack the problem of illegal fishing.

Playtime may be the 'rocket fuel' of child development, but it's fast becoming the privilege of the few. The Real Play Coalition aims to close this growing disparity.

The 'circular economy' may have been coined in the 1980s, but its central tenets, from repairing to repurposing, are certainly not new.

Shawon's review of Utopia Management. Pretty great so far. Quiet neighborhood and really close to everything. I had a small issue with the shower head...

This is a guest post from National University’s MFA creative writing program student Fabricio Correa: Military stories have engrossed readers and view...

Contact: Brianne Mundy Page, 619.348.1518, bpage@portofsandiego.org
The Port of San Diego swore in its 2019 Board of Port Commissioners Executive Officers on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 during ceremonies held at Coasterra restaurant on Harbor Island
Garry Bonelli, who represents the City of Coronado, was sworn in as Chairman; Ann Moore, who represents the City of Chula Vista, was sworn in as Vice Chair; and Michael Zucchet…

As governments retreat from global commitments, the private sector and NGOs have to step up. Here's how they can do it.

If innovation is essential to the achievements of the sector, we should spend less time on success, and more on failure.

Global instability means 2019 is a crossroads year for humanitarian response - and we need a fundamental reorientation of humanitarian action, argues ICRC President Peter Maurer.

The 128-room apartment complex is privately owned and not affiliated with the university, but it’s geared for students because it will have small single-occupancy rooms and shared kitchen areas on each of its five floors.

Light causes visible damage to paintings - but a new technique is hoping to reduce this.

Mission Driven Finance, Civic San Diego, and Alliance Healthcare Foundation provide critical funding for nonprofit Access Youth Academy’s new athletic and academic facility in Southeast San Diego San Diego, CA. January 15, 2019. Mission Driven Finance recently announced a coordinated investment with Civic San Diego and Alliance Healthcare Foundation to support the growth of Access …

AirMap, Alphabet’s Wing and Kittyhawk.io demonstrated a network-based remote ID application on the InterUSS Platform™. The successful demonstration illustrates that a remote ID solution exists today for drone operations in networked areas, without the need for additional infrastructure or technology.

Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower safe and effective enterprise drone operations.

The largest Parkinson’s disease charity in Europe has given the seal of approval to a new Irish smartphone app developed by Beats Medical. The advent of a personal computer in your pocket has been a …

Lately, there seems to have been a rash of airplanes landing on highways. What's going on? In this AVweb video, Paul Bertorelli explains how to land an airpl...

materialsCAN to provide those who own, lease, design, or construct spaces with training, tools to understand, measure the carbon footprint of their projects