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At the TAA conference, we looked at trends marked by data. Numbers often tell a convincing story and impact decisions in multifamily.

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Researchers at Children's Hospital Colorado and the University of Colorado School of Medicine have found that taking a specially formulated antioxidant-enriched multivitamin may decrease respiratory illnesses in people with cystic fibrosis.

An important question in the evolution of language is what caused animal calls to diversify and to encode different information. A team of scientists led by Catherine Crockford of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology found that chimpanzees use the quiet 'hoo' call in three different behavioural contexts -- alert, travel and rest. The need to stay together in low visibility habitat may have facilitated the evolution of call subtypes.

When you think about skin care, sometimes eye cream seems a little “extra.” Maybe you feel like you don’t need it right now, or that you’ll do just fine with any type of skin moisturizer. But the truth is that you’re never too young to start taking care of the delicate skin around your eyes. There are lots of benefits to having a good eye cream, no matter your age.

NYC Transit President Andy Byford is proposing an overhaul of the subway that could cost up to $37 billion over the next decade.

With summer coming, it's only a matter of time before the smells and tastes of barbecued foods dominate the neighborhood. But there's a downside to grilling that can literally get under your skin. In a study appearing in Environmental Science & Technology, scientists report that skin is a more important pathway for uptake of cancer-causing compounds produced during barbecuing than inhalation. They also found that clothing cannot fully protect individuals from this exposure.

The volcano's lava has crept near a geothermal energy plant, risking the release of dangerous fumes. Meanwhile, the fiery flow is already hurting a major tourist stop and the locals who rely on it.

100+ royal wedding watchers headed to Shakespeare Pub & Grille before dawn on May 19, for a watch party & saw the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Las Vegas casinos could watch tens of thousands of employees walk off the job for the first time in more than three decades after union members voted Tuesday to authorize a strike at any time starting June 1, a move that could cripple the city's world-famous resorts
About 25,000 members of the Culinary Union who work at 34 different casino-resorts across the tourist destination cast ballots in two sessions, showing the collective power of the largest labor organization in…

Tens of thousands of casino workers in Las Vegas whose contracts expire next week planned to vote Tuesday on whether to authorize a strike, a move that could leave more than 30 properties without unionized housekeepers, bartenders, servers and other key employees. A majority of yes votes...

Inside the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV, the Culinary Union is getting ready. On Tuesday, in two shifts, tens of thousands of culinary workers from 34 resorts will come here to vote on whether or not to let their leaders call a strike.The workers' contract

A three-foot section of plastic pipe wrapped in foam and rigged with tubing squirted out red-tinged water to represent a bleeding thigh. Told to stop the “bleeding,” trained community members were instructed to apply direct pressure, then wrap it with bandages.

Feel like phones are ruining family time? While a physical lock and chain may be unrealistic, institute a no phone policy during meals together
Living in a world awash in technology can make life easier in some respects, but it can also be enslaving and detrimental to health and relationships. Whether we spend hours texting and tweeting or surfing and gaming, tech time can potentially become addictive.
There’s no doubt that technology can play a vital role in our workday and everyday life.…

Another three-day weekend is approaching, here are some events going on in San Diego during Memorial Day weekend.

Now on tour, Texas singer and guitar-slinger Jesse Dayton counts Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Rob Zomie and X among his many musical partners,

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Residents of the most upscale apartment communities form the renter segment that moves around most frequently.

Pets disguised as companion animals can cause fair housing issues. See how to stay in compliance when residents request for companion or support animals.

See how your practice’s staff salaries compare with your region and other areas of the country.

Park 12 towers over Petco Park with 718 apartments. The $400 million project is nearly 20 years in the making and is jammed with amenities, including pools, hangout areas, a parking spots and views of downtown and the San Diego Bay.

Managing Partner, Vincent Mudd, appears in Worth Magazine’s “20 questions” feature highlighting his favorite things and random factoids on his life. Read on to view some of his answers. 1. What are you reading? The Boys in the Boat: Nine … Continued

7 Legion players on their favorite things about San Diego, and why rugby is better than football

From live chat to help desks to strategies for scaling, here are 12 ways to help deliver sensational ecommerce customer service. Zendesk customer Pickaweb explains the benefits of using integrated customer service software.

Elderly or frail adults can continue living at home, instead of having to move to a nursing home, with in-home caregivers and skilled nursing services from Accredited Home Care. This page provides information suitable to the title, "It’s Summer Festival Time in Orange County"