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In the 25+ years I’ve been dealing with hair in some capacity, I have never heard of anyone going completely bald because they dyed their hair too much
The fear that you might go bald if you dye your hair too much is a form of an Urban Hair Myth which has been circulating the Hair Universe for many years.
Image Of A Beautiful Brunette Who Has Not Bleached Her Hair…

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Some people choose to have mullet hairstyles because they genuinely like the look
Not everyone thinks they are unattractive or inappropriate.
The fashion runways can also be credited with bringing back alternative versions of the mullet when the biggest and brightest designers look for inspiration from eras of the past such as the 90s.
Man with a mullet hairstyle - Image from Alsears - Wikipedia - All Rights Reserved
In fact,…

Whether its crushed, cubed, or flaked, chewing ice is a habit for many of us. In this issue, the San Diego child dentist experts at ABC Child Dentistry will talk about the hidden dangers of chewing ice, and the surprising reason behind the habit.

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Born In A City With A Small Town Feel
I was born in South St. Louis, Missouri in a primarily Catholic neighborhood
Everyone seemed to know everyone else or knew someone who knew someone.
Tracking Your St. Louis Life According To Your High School
In fact, one of the first questions I was constantly asked was “where did you go to high school?”.
Knowing where someone went to high school was…

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How would I fix Donald Trump’s hair
I would do absolutely nothing to his hair.
Zero, zip, nada.
Love it, hate it or ignore it, you would be hard pressed not to agree Donald Trump has used his hair as his signature even before his time on The Apprentice.
Donald Trump’s many women over the years including his current wife Melania and his daughter Ivanka Trump , have had access to…

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Thank you so much for your A2A
Black hair goes by many different names depending upon a variety of circumstances and the opinion of the person describing it
Black hair is often simply referred to as Black.
It is also sometimes referred to as the following:
very dark brunette
I’m sure there are other ways to define black hair I might have missed, but I think I’ve covered the…

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Thanks so much for your A2A
Based on the photo you included, it looks like there are at least two shades of blue layered together to great the beautiful dimension.
It would be very challenging, if not impossible to create blue black hues without first bleaching to lift the dark hair color as high as possible before applying the various shades of blue.
Image Of Pravana ChromaSilk Blue Topaz - Amazon…

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Great question
Eyebrow Fashions
Eyebrow trends - thickness, design, shaping and even color - cycle in and out of fashion depending upon a wide range of factors
Some of the factors which impact eyebrow trends are celebrities, musicians, fashion runways and even reality TV shows and their various assortments of stars.
Depending upon which…

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While it’s definitely possible your hair may have turned white at 23 due to chemicals in the water you drink or use on your hair, it may not be the only cause.
If you wish to find out if water is the culprit, have it tested for levels of salt and fluorides. It is somewhat viable cling to your hair and turn it white.
While the water is always a…

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I’ve been asked this question multiple times.
So much so that when I see someone with dipped dyed ends I stop and ask them how they got the results and what products where used.
Raven Black Hair With Pink & Purple Ends
Last week-end I was having lunch at a restaurant and the bar tender, a woman of color, had raven black hair with pink and purple ends.
Her color…

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A winter storm that officials say contributed to nine deaths in the Midwest was moving east, knocking out power in four states and disrupting air travel.

Overly active wildfire seasons have created numerous challenges for carriers and policyholders.

In Greek mythology, goddesses called Moon Spinners gathered light each day to spin the moonlight down to the earth.

The San Diego Community College District will honor the late-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during celebrating the civil rights leader’s legacy, including the 39th annual Dr. parade.

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