Business to Business in San Diego, CA

Now, Imperial Beach will keep its original plan of only one dispensary that must be at least 900 feet away from any schools or daycare centers.

"Further evaluations showed,the symptoms were not consistent with measles and there is not need for any additional action."

Gallagher is charged with murder after prosecutors say he treated the boy's wounds and then stabbed him in the neck.

While it isn't billed as a comedy, there are a lot of funny moments during the play. Both the witty Andrey and the straightforward, often cranky, by-the-book John form an odd-couple pair. John's irritation with Andrey's attitude and penchant for small talk can get a little repetitive in the first part of the play, but the connection between the two becomes increasingly compelling as the storyline…

"Every service chief testified that transgender service would not disrupt unit cohesion or readiness,” Rep. Anthony Brown said.

Surrounded by tear gas from both sides Citizens was trapped under chaos and huge threat Date: 12Jun2019 Approximate Time: 1550 - 1615 **Consent any media for...