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Plan your Halloween fun with this massive list of things to do in San Francisco

Room & Board's modern design ideas for achieving the open and airy look in your home while keeping the vibe warm and inviting.

The fees, imposed by more urban hotels in the last few years, cover amenities like high-speed internet access. Many travelers booking online, though, might not realize they will be charged.

Democrats have to defend more than twice as many seats as Republicans in their bid to flip the Senate.

The star of the story’s film version flew in from California for the premiere, and stayed at the cast party past midnight.

Election and voting information including registration and status, polling place locator, live-count and final results, and reports.

Before anything else — if you’re trans and struggling right now, here are a few resources:

The 30-city list is the result of a GOBankingRates study of startups in major metropolitan areas across the country. The study used data from the Kaufman Index of Startup Activity to assess the rate of new entrepreneurs, startup density, and a variety of other factors that indicate a potentially stronger environment for small businesses. It also looked at the cost of living and projected job growth for the area
The report found that entrepreneurship in Riverside gets a boost from ExCITE , a…

New all-female blues festival acknowledges the power of women on stage and behind ticket sales.

The 2017 tax bill slashed the number of taxpayers who will take itemized deductions for charitable giving. What will that mean for non-profits?

I learned some new words this week including “finsta” and “crowdturfing.” You may already know what these words mean — but in case you don’t, let me give you a »

If you follow the history of Design, you will want to read this to keep up to date on the Inclusive Architectural Designs

Phil Robertson and his Oman Air crew found themselves on the top step of the podium after winning the Extreme Sailing Series race off Harbor Island on Sunday.

SACRAMENTO -- Monday, Oct. 22 is the final day to register to vote or switch parties ahead of the Nov. 6 election.
You can register online or by mail, as long as your form is postmarked by Oct. 22.
To register online, click here.
The DMV will be able to sign up voters after much controversy over the last few months. It announced an extra layer of review when signing up people to vote.

San Diego's status as a tech hub is becoming increasingly important, with a growing pool of engineers and a surge in VC investments.

Ship visits plus Notre Dame-Annapolis party
It was the water that brought them. Since the first forays of Europeans, San Diego’s natural harbor offered a strategic naval location. Silts carried by runoff and outflow from the inland mountains could not fill the deep-rutted channel built by centuries of tidal flux, and those souls that sailed past Point Loma in the 16th century saw the potential

From Sunset Cliffs, you use the viewfinder
Sunset Cliffs, Oct. 5, 2018
“Do you want to shoot [the green flash] with me this evening at Sunset Cliffs at Froude Street, at around 5:45 pm.”
We’ve been messaging back and forth since the previous week about capturing the elusive green flash occurrence during sunset: he’s caught about 12 in the last two years since he started photographing.
I parked alongside Sunset Cliffs Boulevard on the opposite side of the parking area in front…

Members of NYC's trans community took to Washington Square Park to speak out against the Trump administration.

Based on an analysis of average annual expenditures on booze, San Diego tops the list of metro areas of tipsiest cities in the U.S.

One of the country’s top sustainable sushi chefs is opening a handroll bar serving 100-percent local seafood

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Hundreds of women came forward with accusations of sexual abuse by Nassar, a former American gymnastics team doctor sentenced to decades of prison. Here’s a look at many officials ousted or charged as the scandal widened.

The New York Building Congress predicts a record-breaking 25% gain over last year's activity, with nonresidential spending surging about 66% to $39 billion.

Building Congress head Scissura plans PR campaign aimed at "elected officials, communities, the press."

It has a mixture of caravans, traditional wooden huts and regular hotel rooms.