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For most of its running time, the production is structured as a series of short stories involving women (almost none of them with character names) and the issues, including sex, commitment and work, that they experience. Birch's first three tales include an uncomfortably intimate night between two people (Charly Montgomery and Salvador Velasco), a vignette involving two individuals who share different views on marriage (Carla Navarro…

Not that we needed much more evidence to show what a scam the Republican “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was, but the evidence doesn’t care—it just keeps coming.
The $0.03 per hour (inflation-...

A Northern California kindergartener can continue bringing her cannabis-based drug to her public school.

San Diegans and tourists alike headed to the coast to take in all that the first day of fall has to offer.

An independent investigation into the death of University of Maryland football player Jordan McNair has determined that trainers on the scene did not follow proper procedures after he collapsed on the

Ed Whelan, president of the laughably named Ethics and Public Policy Center, was interviewed by the Washington Post on Friday evening. He refused to discuss his scheme to pin a sexual assault on a middle school teacher and shift the blame from Supreme...

Official website for the historic Gaslamp Quarter and Gaslamp Quarter Association in Downtown San Diego, featuring shopping, dining, nightlife, and events.

How can we confront the dark side of technological transformation and its impact on our security?