Business in Horton Plaza - San Diego, CA

Incident# 30757
Begin Date/Time: 01/20/2019 08:58 PM
End Date/Time:
Beat: 234
Location: 16400 Bernardo Center Drive
Neighborhood: Rancho Bernardo
Synopsis: Two male ...

The six-year-old is in a stable condition after being bitten by one of the wild dogs.

The University of Hull was among businesses illegally charging customers more for paying by card.

The New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime to reach the Super Bowl where they will face the LA Rams.

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on how to handle a relative whose views you find repugnant, apologizing to an ex and more.

Most of the world's population lives near venomous snakes - but some are at greater risk than others.

It will be the Patriots vs. the Los Angeles Rams in the Super Bowl after New England beat the Chiefs, 37-31, on Sunday.

Ignacio HERRERA has been located and returned home, safe and sound.
Thank you.

There are a lot of questions surrounding child support. We try to answer a few.

A final storm of the stormy 2 week period is moving in this morning. Snow levels are starting out around 7,500 feet early this morning but should lower to around 7,000 feet as heavier precipitation moves in later this morning. Ridgetop winds are gusting to 70-80 mph and should increase through the day reaching 100+ mph this afternoon. So for the day today expecting wet and windy conditions, with wet snow falling above 7,000 feet.

A visiting preacher was was testing the acoustics of the cathedral. He fidgeted on the microphone, tapped it a little bit murmured, “The...

If Joaquín Guzmán Loera, the drug kingpin known as El Chapo, testifies, it would a remarkable moment in a trial already filled with stunning developments.

Xavier Veilhan has an unconventional work space but a traditional approach to the midday meal.

Being vegan doesn’t have to mean living off kale and quinoa, or spending your money on fancy and expensive ingredients. And it definitely doesn’t have to mean feeling limited for choices of what to...

The Ballast Point Brewpub at the Downtown Disney outdoor shopping mall in Anaheim officially opens Jan. 16, officials announced Wednesday.