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Nelida, a grandmother of six whose home was destroyed by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
Yansi, a baby in Guatemala who almost died from malnutrition.
Eslin, a sick baby in Honduras whose mother could not afford medicine to help her.
Oswaldo, a boy in Mexico who could not see the blackboard in school.
The Florez-Martinez family who lived in a shack in Mexico.
Nuvia, a little girl in Honduras who suffered for years from a debilitating condition.

The discovery of a more than 4,000-year-old tomb – complete with hieroglyphs and statues - was revealed in Egypt Saturday.

SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) — Pictures of a San Diego lifeguard's daring rescue at Sunset Cliffs this weekend lit up social media. Local photographer Jim Grant was in the area photographing waves and captu...

The Little Italy food hall is filled with big and bold concepts. It's the perfect place for Sam the Cooking Guy.

A classic Christmas event continues in Coronado. For over 40 years, the Lamb’s Players Theatre has presented new holiday shows as part of an annual tradition, the Lamb’s Festival of Christmas, with this year’s offering being the original musical story Reaching for the Stars.

The Latest Car Safety Features
Vehicle safety technology has become an ever-increasing focus of design in new cars. Auto manufacturers recognize people who are seeking new vehicles want the best car safety features available to keep themselves and their families safe. This push towards safety is aided by advances in technology and legislative requirements. Backup cameras in vehicles, for example, were once a luxury add-on, but…

Hub International Ltd. has acquired the assets of Apex Insurance Benefits LLC in Blackfoot, Idaho. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Troy Goodwin,

Gorst & Compass Insurance has expanded its Northern California operations with the opening of an office in Napa, Calif. and has named Katie Sholders,

Sokimi 's review of Utopia Management. I love my new apartment it's close to everything and and the staff and service is very professional!!!

By Katie Serbinski, MS, RD Once Halloween comes and goes, parents often are reminded it’s not just the spooky holiday that presents our children (and us) with sugary treats. The reality is that many celebrations from October through the New Year are accompanied by sugar, sugar and more sugar. It’s the

We're sharing offices more than ever, which is boosting mental health and productivity.

For the fifth consecutive year, Women in BICSI is sponsoring a female competitor in the annual Cabling Skills Challenge competition. The group is accepting contributions from individuals and organizations to offset travel, hotel, and meals costs for the competitor.

From Colombia's cable cars to India's waste pickers' cooperative, here are five novel ways cities are transforming themselves.

SACRAMENTO, CA – The California new vehicle market is expected to close out the year at elevated sales levels. While there is a slight decline from recent years, new vehicle sales will be at the fourth highest total during the past 11 years and 2018 sales will likely exceed 2009 levels by over 900,000 units
According to the California Auto Outlook Third Quarter 2018, California light truck sales continue to increase, by 5.2 percent from 2017, while passenger car registrations have fallen by…

Eating a plant-based diet may lower the risk of chronic disease and is good for the environment, but poorly planned vegan diets that do not replace the critical nutrients found in meat, researchers argue.

Tack rooms are, typically fairly utilitarian on the inside. But for Bethany Unwin, from San Diego CA, her new Tuff Shed tack room looks like it belongs along the pages of a magazine. With a spotless interior and Tuff Shed quality, this tack room stands out
Bethany needed a separate structure to hold her horse equipment, and her plans for a new tack room were fairly simple. “Tuff Shed buildings are the go to sheds when you need a tack room, so I…

On December 15, Walden Family Services joined other nonprofits in the Inland Empire to make up 1000 food baskets for local families and youth. The food drive was organized by the Inland Empire Community Collaborative (IECC) , a coalition of 31 nonprofit agencies (including Walden) working together to improve the lives of individuals and communities throughout San Bernardino.