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It’s an all too easy trap for American car enthusiasts to fall into, the cliché of waxing poetic about automotive forbidden fruit sold only in other countries. We’re talking about tropes such as manual-transmission diesel station wagons, unbearably tiny Japanese kei cars, car-based “ute” pickups, and did we already mention wagons? But such vehicles aren’t ever going to catch on in any big way here in the land of Big Macs and blatancy—and why would they? Automakers would be lucky to sell dozens…

"Engage at every age," is the 2018 theme of Older Americans Month. For many seniors, the opportunity to engage comes daily through volunteering — and age is no barrier to their efforts. Edward Kydd, 101, has traveled 13,332 miles in 1,742 hours of service for Meals on Wheels.

Limit 2. Excludes Eggs, Milk & Alta Dena Dairy Products. All regular restrictions apply, see coupon for details.

Last generation, Call of Duty was the biggest franchise in gaming. While it still retains a healthy position in sales, some feel the quality of the series has dropped since ending the Modern Warfare trilogy.

If you’re dealing with frequent headaches, make an appointment with our practice
You may believe that everyone gets headaches. After all, they’re normal, right? Some are dull; others are throbbing. Some occur on only one side; others produce nausea or light and sound sensitivity
Common? Yes. But normal? Nope.
The three most common types of headaches are:
Tension headaches caused by muscle tension in the head,…

Fidelity’s calculator helps break down the costs, so you can figure out which is a better deal.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our "Heroes" Songs for Charity project. I am pleased to share that we are moving forward with recording the song! While we're not fully funded yet, we are at 60% which is far enough along in our fundraising campaign for me to feel confident that we will raise the remaining funds in the coming weeks to finish the project
I spent the morning finalizing our production schedule. Kathryn Cloward Band will be recording the music…

If you’re new to entrepreneurship or the franchise world, the best place to start is with a reputable and well-built franchise system. We recently spoke with iTAN Franchisee Matt Stracner, who currently owns eight iTAN locations throughout Southern California. He shared his top tips for first-time franchise owners.

Fallout 76, the anticipated new spin-off of the popular RPG Fallout series will be getting a Beta before its release. Legendary game creator Todd Howard confirmed this during E3 but today we learn more details on Fallout 76's FAQ. The Beta will start first on Xbox One and afterwards on PC and PS4.

Introducing Messages for web and other improvements to the Android Messages app.

22 Mar 2018
Ask a dozen real estate professionals which leads that enter their funnel are the most likely to get to the closing table, and most will agree that it’s real estate referrals . They come with a built-in positive attitude about you and all you have to do is reinforce it
How do you grow real estate referral business? There are a lot of those cards and emails out there saying things like:
“Hi, remember me, that great Realtor who helped…

Cyber-criminals around the world are increasingly focusing their attention on job seekers. According to the security firm Flashpoint, there has been a notable uptick in ploys involving phony job listings that attempt to get job seekers to give up personal...

5 Things You Need to Know About Toddlers and Nutrition by Maryann Jacobsen It's National Nutrition Month and I could write about what foods toddlers need to grow up healthy. But the truth is there are key barriers to feeding toddlers for which most parents

Research has linked significant adversity in childhood to a wide range of disorders and diseases, mental and physical. Can understanding this make a profound change in the way we prevent illness? The first of four in a series.

Fight back against belly-fat-triggering cortisol by noshing on these healthy and delicious foods that are all excellent sources of vitamin C!

Hip-hop is a popular, energetic dance style that usually is performed to hip-hop music and evolved from the hip-hop culture.

Your human resources team is a crucial part of your workforce and its success. Adecco USA can connect you with top talent in HR nationwide.

Just in Time for Foster Youth engages a caring community to help transition-age foster youth, ages 18-26, achieve self-sufficiency and well-being in San Diego.

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HIV tests may be giving incorrect results for people taking PrEP to avoid getting the virus, meaning they may be HIV positive for months without knowing

By DAVID COLEMAN, Aerohive Networks -- The term multi-user (MU) simply means that transmissions between an AP and multiple clients can occur at the same time dependent on the supported technology. However, the MU terminology can be very confusing when discussing 802.11ax.

In America, the disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue, kills more than half a million people a year.

Subscribe to Inverse! goo.gl/AGT2uT Your favorite neuroscientist Shannon Odell joins up with The Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart to bring you everything ...

Multifamily permit volumes in Charlotte, already one of the nation’s fast-growing apartment markets, accelerated to a 30-year high recently.

Watch General Motors and L'Oréal USA take energy efficiency beyond buildings. SWAP 4 is live!

As a designer, sometimes the hardest brief to work on is your own portfolio. To be sure, it’s no easy task to sum up an entire career’s

In the early 2000s, tycoon games were quite popular but now, the genre has more or less died off. Sure, there are still games like Planet Coaster that drop every few years but they're a rarity. One of the newest rarities is Jurassic World Evolution and it's honestly fantastic at its core.

Official 2018 Toyota Prius site. Find a new, hybrid car at a Toyota dealership near you, or build & price your own Prius online today.

Create, reflect, work, and play at this year's CollegeSource Annual Conference! Join us this June 18-21 at the Paradise Point Resort & Spa for user training,...

Having worked for a software company who serviced dental offices, I know a few things are usually pretty universal with dentists... Short weeks with 3½ to 4½ days of availability, holiday weeks closed. Snarky receptionists who are lacking empathy and do not have a solutions-based approach in dealing with hiccups
San Diego Dental Group is the complete opposite in attitude and availability
Christmas Eve? Saturday? The…