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Try this 30-minute workout plan to blast calories, build lean muscle, and boost your metabolism in one training session.

Traveling with teens can be stressful (read more here) & traveling with young children can be exhausting (discover more here) but there’s nothing that quite compares to traveling with a baby. Sure, babies and toddlers are adorable but they are A LOT of work. Many new parents are intimidated by the idea of taking …

A team of researchers from the CNRS, INRA, and the University of La Rochelle is now the first to have demonstrated that organic farming benefits honeybee colonies, especially when food is scarce in late spring. The scientists analyzed six years of data collected through a unique system for monitoring domesticated bees that is unparalleled in Europe. Their findings are published in the Journal of Applied Ecology.

New York City is hosting this year’s WorldPride celebration and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion. From parades to drag shows, here are scenes from the week.

One person was injured after an ice cream truck crashed into a police station in San Diego's Sherman Heights neighborhood Tuesday night.

Stay after dark and celebrate summer at San Diego Zoo’s Nighttime Zoo
Come “rock and roar” every day this summer with live music, fun shows, and special animal encounters. The fun begins with an amazing trampoline act, Dr. Zoolittle’s special performances, and African-themed entertainment for the whole family. Musicians will serenade families with a variety of songs while the evening comes to an end with a…

Occidental Brewing and Heater Allen Brewing, two German-style focused breweries partnered up to brew a collaboration beer, Northwest Pilsner.

The bill was praised by health groups but has many critics, including those who worry that a blanket ban on e-cigarettes could harm the wider goals of anti-tobacco efforts.

Should lawyers learn to code? The question that has launched a thousand conversations at legal tech events, with the answer usually being: no. But, maybe something has changed now with the arrival …

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Alpine Beer Company, Peutz Valley, Wright's Field
Alpine resident Bill Smith said SDGE has been “cutting power off at least once a month for the past three or so months. Not everyone can afford a generator and people who have solar panels lose the credit for the entire day. We all have wells here and can’t run the water without power.”
"Over the years, there have been accidents and several fatalities of both parents and students,” said Alpine resident Sal Casamassima. "Most recently…

Radio play is down slightly, but the King of Pop’s Vegas show goes on and Broadway is still in the air despite HBO’s “Leaving Neverland.”

The Salk Institute announced that Helmsley-Salk Fellow Patrick Hsu has been named to MIT Technology Review's prestigious annual list of Innovators Under 35. Every year, the media company recognizes a list of exceptionally talented technologists whose work has great potential to transform the world.

Apple's recent announcement that it will phase out iTunes later in 2019 has a lot of users confused, and scammers are already taking advantage of that.

These Orange County guys never met a broth they couldn’t perfect
I’ve paid lip service to vegan ramens before. Interesting, I’ve said. Oh, that is good,” I’ve agreed. But I haven’t meant it. Not to the extent that I would choose to order one over a milky, rich tonkotsu ramen. Tonkotsu is the bone broth that made ramen special, elevated it above the other noodle soups. Forget chicken noodle, tonkotsu is the only broth to ever cure me of a cold. I might…

This article has been updated to reflect 2019 rankings. Plenty of U.S. states have beaches, skiing, and good places to eat—but which state has the has the most winning combination of all of the above, and anything else a traveler might want on vacation?

Those who plan to travel over the coming Fourth of July holiday will find a lot of company on the roads, with more than 49 million Americans are planning a holiday getaway this year
The AAA said that holiday travel volume - a 4.1 percent increase over last year - is the highest ever recorded for any holiday since AAA began tracking such travel in 2000.
The motor club advises travels to look for for busy beaches, packed parks, and active airports between…

The Philadelphia Bar Foundation is planning to break ground in more ways than one later this year with the construction of the Philadelphia Equal Justice Center, a first-of-its-kind facility that will house nearly a dozen legal aid organizations and social service nonprofits.

Editor in Chief Erin Meanley Glenny dishes on the July issue of San Diego Magazine

Lilac Road turns into a dirt road at the Indian reservation
On June 17, Leslie G. saw photos of a stranded semi truck and trailer on the opposite side of the road by her Valley Center home
“The truck got stuck near Pala Loma Drive and Lilac Road,” Leslie said to me, “….. Lilac turns into a dirt road because the land is owned by the reservation on that side going towards the CA-76.”
If the I-15 or CA-76 are congested, some drivers…

The state of California wants its college athletes to be able to earn income, but the NCAA wants legislators to hold off

Rocco is 100 percent boy. Curious, fast and an eye for a big inflatable ball. It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Mom and daughter lounging in the water. Dad and uncle in the shade. All of them good swimmers and paying attention.

West Hollywood has been dubbed “The Creative City,” and for good reason. Bordering Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, WeHo is located in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s easily accessible from anywhere in the city, and the area has plenty to see and do packed into 1.9 square miles.

San Diego City College Cosmetology students glammed up the San Diego County Fair once again this year on Friday, June 21, with free manicures and haircuts for fairgoers.

Mr. Lerer is leaving the viral-happy website that has lately experienced turbulence after a sharp rise in prominence.

With the release of Passion Fruit Cider, Portland Cider Co. brings forth its tropical flavors in this new cider release to welcome in the start of summer.

After the opposition kept calling Prime Minister Imran Khan a leader “selected” by the country’s military, the deputy speaker banned the description. The debate is not over.

Baffled by the president’s reversal on Iran, Meyers predicts “we’re going to find him in the parking lot outside the White House” beating himself up.

Parkinson's patients could be helped by fresh insights gained from studies of tiny tropical fish. Research using zebrafish has revealed how key brain cells that are damaged in people with Parkinson's disease can be regenerated.

Baerlic Brewing will host its 5 Year Anniversary Party on Saturday, June 29, 2019 with two special beer releases and more!