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RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) - Police arrested celebrity plastic surgeon Denis Cesar Barros Furtado on Thursday, five days after he went on the run following the death of a patient he gave injections to enlarge her buttocks
Known as "Dr. Bumbum" - Brazilian slang for backside, Furtado was arrested at an office complex in Rio de Janeiro's Barra de Tijuca neighborhood. Police also arrested his mother…

After France triumphed Sunday in the FIFA World Cup, "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah was ready to celebrate. "I'm so excited," he said on his show Monday, grinning and breaking into a little ditty. "Africa won the World Cup! Africa won the World Cup!" he sang, before joking that "you don't get that tan by hanging out in the south of France."
Noah was recognizing the multiethnic background of France's team, which - as noted by The Washington Post's Ishaan Tharoor - topped…

The donation was offered by Salesforce, a company under fire by its own employees for its contracts with U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Mental Health disorders are diagnosed today based on subjective interviews and administration of partial sets of subjective questionnaires. How can we do it better?

Mi Tierra is welcoming back the singer who stole the show last fall when she jumped in to sing with the tableside mariachi band in a viral video.

The San Antonio Metropolitan Health District issued a warning regarding the extreme heat South Texas will be experiencing over the next several days.

The bill was $108.73. His tip: $0
Why $0?
The customers apparently made sure to let Khalil Cavil know.
They circled his name printed on the receipt and wrote a note: "We don't tip terrorist."
Cavil is a half-black, half-white, 20-year-old waiter who speaks openly about his Christian faith and plans to pursue a degree in theology. "Khalil" was the name of his father's friend who had died in an accident. His father had thought about that friend a lot, and he liked…

Taking vacation time can help keep your productivity levels high and reduce stress from the daily demands of a full-time job
Some countries, like Brazil, are entitled to 30 days a year of paid annual leave, while others like Singapore average seven to 10 annual vacation days.
Here's a roundup of how vacation time varies in 15 countries around the world.
It's summertime, and the living is easy - depending on where you live and work, that is. Many people (in…

WASHINGTON - Starbucks has more than 8,000 stores nationwide. One of them will soon be run entirely in American Sign Language
Starbucks' first signing store in the United States will hire 20 to 25 deaf, hard of hearing and hearing partners with the requirement that they all be proficient in American Sign Language. Roughly 200 current employees self-identify as deaf or hard of hearing, according to…

Goodwill has opened a new boutique store on the Upper West Side of New York City. The new location is targeted at millennials, and all the clothing and accessories sold there are hand-picked by stylists from donations made to stores across the metro area.

Costco memberships offer customers discounts that go beyond savings on bulk food items. Many consumers may not know that Costco gives its members access to some of the best deals on travel, prescription drugs, gift cards, and more.

Kawhi Leonard, not much for words or social media, has not publicly spoken about the recent Spurs-Raptors trade that landed him in Toronto for the 2018-2019 season, but his camp has spoken out.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider
Chick-fil-A is killing its Cow Calendar, alerting customers on Wednesday that 2018 would be the last year it would release the calendar
The fast-food chain has released the Cow Calendar, which features a deal for every month of the year, for 20 years
Customers seem furious that Chick-fil-A is killing the beloved calendar.
Chick-fil-A is killing its Cow Calendar - and customers seem…

Thanks to the triple-digit heat, air conditioners are working overtime. And it shows. Texas hit an all-time record for electricity use Wednesday, according to the...

On Saturday, July 21, the Youth Orchestra of San Antonio (YOSA) is posting up at Cherrity Bar to host performances by alumni and local acts...

CAIRO - Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi is confronting one of the toughest challenges he has faced since seizing power five years ago, as rising prices linked to economic austerity measures take a toll on his core middle-class supporters
While the economy is growing and winning applause from Western donors, Sissi's austerity program is squeezing a broad spectrum of Egyptians and fueling heightened criticism of his rule…

Plans for a 13-story upscale apartment tower downtown received final approval from the city Wednesday afternoon.

Specialties: A San Antonio tradition and home to some of the finest authentic Mexican cuisine and Tex-Mex in the River City!
Lisa's has been serving up exceptional Mexican brunch, lunch and dinner for 33 years with some of the best deals on…