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The widow of a deceased Army helicopter crew chief is suing Lockheed Martin's Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., the maker of the Black Hawk helicopter, alleging a defective tail rotor system caused her husband's helicopter to spin out of control and crash into a Maryland golf course last year, killing him and critically injuring two others.
The lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Bridgeport, Connecticut, called into question the safety of a widely used U.S. military helicopter.

With the Suns and their trailblazing head coach in town Tuesday, Spurs assistant Ettore Messina reflected on his efforts last spring to land a head coaching job.

A man from Bethel is facing harassment charges after sending his ex wife’s divorce lawyer harassing emails, authorities say.Police arrested 41-year-old Paul Caso at his Wooster Street home on Friday, Dec. 7 on an arrest warrant out of Wi...

Scarcely a month ago, the U.S. gymnastics team returned from the 2018 World Championships in Doha, Qatar, covered in medals. Watching the team members smile from the first-place podium, it was easy to forget that they also stood atop the smoking ruins of USA Gymnastics. Their sport's governing body has spent the better part of the past two years embroiled in scandals: the resignation of its entire board of directors in January, the abrupt departure of almost every major coach or coordinator on…

By Marie-Louise Gumuchian
LONDON (Reuters) - Steve Bray is already hard at work when dawn breaks over London, waving anti-Brexit banners behind television crews reporting live outside Westminster.
The 49-year-old's signs protesting against Britain's departure from the European Union are a regular backdrop to news footage shot outside parliament,...

Just about every marriage has its share of bad times; then again, some marriages simply go bad. The reasons for the latter include abuse, adultery, alcoholism (and other forms of chemical self-indulgence, aka addiction), and emotional and/or physical abandonment. Not to say that any one of those can’t be overcome, but they are four of …

Women made a difference in front of and behind the camera in 2018, a year that also saw increased focus on people of color and LGBTQ characters.

A massive piece of equipment being transported to the CPS Energy Calaveras Power Station could slow traffic in parts of the greater San Antonio area through the remainder of the week.

Jennifer Garner is reportedly "stepping back" from her relationship with boyfriend John Miller because she wants to "focus on family" — get the details.

After committing $15M to the project, designed to be a central point for broker property data, NAR is walking away, leaving Upstream to find a new vendor

It is widely accepted the earliest months and years of a child’s existence have the most profound impact on the rest of the lives. Attachment theorists believe the early bonds and relationships a child forms with his/her carer(s) or parent(s), informs that child’s ability or inability to form successful and healthy relationships in the future. […]