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It's become a leading destination for plastic rubbish after China's ban on waste imports - but many recycling factories operate without licences.

Political scientists like to talk about the differences between being the head of state and the head of government. We are nerds like that
Crudely put, the head of state acts as the symbolic representative of the sovereign nation, while the head of government oversees the bureaucracy and decides on public policy. The head of state is the more ceremonial role of the two. In many countries, these roles are split. In Great Britain, for example, the head of state is Queen Elizabeth…

One of the most revealing sidelights to the recent Florida recounts was to see Sen. Marco Rubio tossing off conspiracy-mongering tweets about missing ballots and stolen votes, a positively Trumpian display that more than a few people who once admired Rubio found disheartening. The Washington Post's Sean Sullivan reports
"Just four years ago, Marco Rubio was gearing up to run for president with an inclusive and…

A fully networked Internet of Things could add up to $11 trillion to the global economy every year by 2025 - but if we're to take advantage we'll need to change how we do things.

Girls basketball
Randolph 48, Fox Tech 21
Fox Tech: S. Leyvas 12, M. Mason 4, R. McGarity 3, G. Riddle 1
Randolph: K. Henderson 21, Z. Jones 7, A. Jones 7, C. Flanders 3, D. Goldsmith 2, J. Ballard 2, H. Taylor 2, S. Montgomery 2.
Halftime: Randolph 34, Fox Tech 11
Boerne Champion 70, Marble Falls 39
Boerne Champion: F. Gatlin 14, P. Hammond 11, S. Reston 10, M. Herrera 9, A. King 8, C. Moon 4, K. Flugence 4, H.…

Some children wish upon a star. This year more than 400 children are wishing upon the caring generosity of our parish community through the St. John Christmas Wish Program, one of the highlights of our holiday outreach since 1993. Needed clothing and a specific Christmas Wish gift go to youngsters in our own parish and in parishes in Boston, Roxbury, Lowell and Brockton
As of today, we still have almost 70 children who have not yet been matched with sponsors. You can help…

What's 50 feet tall, covered with more than 10,000 handmade ornaments and red and white lights, and costs $250,000 to transport and decorate? If you...

The Clinical Practitioner III will provide direct services for consumers, and complete associated documentation for the consumer and program
Ensure clinical documentation is submitted in accordance with Center standards, and meets all designated requirements
Link and refer consumers presenting to clinic to appropriate services (internal and/or external) as indicated
Comply with and participate in Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement processes
Other duties as assigned

Discover what you need to know about bookkeeping jobs, from duties and expectations, to skills and experience — and bookkeeper salary levels, according to the latest Salary Guide.

The craze behind Pokémon Go may have died down since its debut in 2016, Pokémon fans in San Antonio are still super dedicated to Pikachu and his friends. Here's all the folks we saw at the second annual PokéFest SA.

Join International Tai Chi Master David-Dorian Ross, Tai Chi world champion, PBS host and one of YouTube's Top 10 creators, for a special weekend on the healing power of Tai Chi.
January 19-20, 2019
What if you could live the 2nd half of life happier, healthier and more fullfilled than the 1st half?

The night before Thanksgiving is ripe for debauchery. All your friends are in from out of town, and the desmadre leading up to a perfect...

There would have been no blue wave across the country after the midterm elections if not for voters of color. The NAACP, Advancement Project and African American Research Collaborative released results Monday from a poll that looked at African American voters across various competitive elections to determine how they engaged this year and how findings might ...

Are we at the top of guitar mountain yet? Maybe for some, but the journey is not quite complete; and will it ever be? For now, let's look at the next range t...

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Tackling poverty will mean investing in programmes that build effective states, write the authors.

New research finds high levels of biodiversity around burial sites and churchyards that are meaningful to humans.