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Many questions remain about President Donald Trump's familiarity during the 2016 campaign with a proposed development project in Moscow. Those questions were stoked in recent days thanks to BuzzFeed News' claim last week that Trump told his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie about the extent of those conversation - a claim denied by special counsel Robert Mueller's office. The questions were amplified when one…

For many years, the Oscars were accused of taking an overly narrow view of what constitutes a best picture, prioritizing a certain kind of art-house film above all others
Not anymore
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the 8,000-strong group considered the most influential in the entertainment industry, made a number of definition-expanding firsts Tuesday when it announced its best picture candidates.
It chose…

When I first decided to run for office as a Republican, I knew I was joining a party that stood for limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, individual responsibility and religious freedom. Little did I know that my own story would eventually become a public symbol for some of these freedoms
Last summer, the Republican Party of Tarrant County, Texas, appointed me as a party vice chair in a nearly unanimous vote. As a longtime party member who has served in other roles,…

Dan Lavoie, a political strategist in New York, first saw the video on Saturday, like thousands of other people who logged on to social media that day
A group of rowdy high school boys, many wearing Make America Great Again hats, had faced off with a Native American elder near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Friday. And the encounter, with the hallmarks of a scene in the tense reality show that is modern life in the United States - confrontation and racial…

Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt., apologized Tuesday for a tweet in which he claimed that the partial government shutdown marks the first time in U.S. history that people have legally been made to work without pay
The tweet prompted a rebuke from critics who pointed out that Welch was neglecting America's long history of slavery.
"Never in the history of this country has it been legal to make people work for free but that's what's happening to federal employees. This can never happen again,"…