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To the mother whose son I couldn't save
I wish that I possessed some combination of words that could heal the wound in your heart, some turn of phrase that could end your sorrow. But I have no such words. You will live the rest of your life with an unfillable void and the simple question "why?" forever unanswered.
We read all too frequently about mass shootings. But your son's story was never in the news. There were no press conferences, cameras or…

Holiday offerings range from classic rock to schlock, with some nice jazz and R&B in between

You just might be in the thick of it - shopping and prepping for a Thanksgiving feast. The impulse to order takeout could be fierce, but I ask you to consider making this quick salad instead. It include a favorite of mine: instant brown rice. No amount of snobbery could make me love this whole-grain convenience product any less. It is a good-for-you fast food
This recipe can teach you to do something different with frozen spinach, too: Use paper towel to wring…

If you're single and ready to mingle, San Antonio might be the best place for you, according to a new report.

We finally know exactly when to expect winter to come
HBO announced Tuesday that their hugely popular series "Game of Thrones" will premiere in April 2019 for what will be its eighth and final season.
But before you get excited about a new trailer that gives a sneak peek of the drama to come: don't. The video announcing the premiere timeline is mostly a recap of the entire series so far, accompanied by a voice-over and hashtag (#ForTheThrone) to remind us what this…