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Fifty people have died and more than 100 more are missing in wildfires burning in Northern and Southern California.

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When did you learn you were adopted
My parents told me from the time I was very young. I don’t ever remember not knowing, just growing in my understanding of what it meant.
Do you recall how your parent(s) explained why you were adopted?
They told me they really wanted me, that they chose me, they joked that that they were “stuck” with my brother (their biological child), but they picked me special, as well as my other brother…

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Crystal and Matt Spenner and two other couples, are working on a brewery they plan to open in 2019 in downtown Stayton.

Salem police have identified the individuals involved in a motorcycle crash that closed Commercial Street SE for nearly four hours Tuesday.

Coming up: "Prospect," a holiday bazaar, tree lighting ceremony, fundraiser, a way to get rid of those pesky fall leaves and Empty Bowls fundraiser.

Oregon's latest revenue forecast shows a stronger than expected economy heading into the next biennium, but with the potential for storm clouds ahead.

November is all about being thankful, and there’s a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful for our feet, which make many wonderful experiences enjoyable, and sometimes even possible: like spending …

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"Of two things I am certain 1) that my daughter loves me and 2) that I made the right choice. I am a birthfather and 15 years ago I chose to place my daughter, Belle, in open adoption." #BraveLove

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