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When one of your best employees hands in a two-week notice, blindsiding you, do you try to recoup your business's cost of training?

This petite English-style garden in Toronto's east end is perfect for a relaxed yet sophisticated family hangout.

It’s building up an expertise in machine learning to match graduates with employers, and hitting a conversion rate as high as 10%.

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Server virtualization is a method by which software is used to partition a single physical server into what appear to be multiple virtual machines. To the user, the virtual environment appears as if it it's own standalone piece of hardware. In data centers and IT departments, this technology is used to better utilize server resources. Specific applications may require isolated environments or a different OS

At InfoStructure, we don’t believe that in the slightest
We believe in the power of connection, because all of our products are designed to increase connectivity and efficiency in your business. Our goal is to connect the community, help your business thrive, and to grow with your organization
To achieve that, our team provides individualized voice and data solutions. Every business is different, and we make…

Members of the Oregon Department of Forestry and cadets from Oregon Air Patrol attend a training on how to reload retardant into firefighting aircraft on Thursday, July 12, 2018, at Salem Municipal Airport.

Salem residents can honor the life of beloved Chef Kam Sang Kwan at Kwan's Original Cuisine in Salem on July 21.

A severe staff shortage has led state officials to only complete 58 grow site inspections last year, when Oregon has about 20,000 operations.

I grew up in Christian Science, but as a young adult with a baby daughter, I struggled with my faith in Christian Science healing. When I read testimonies in the Christian Science magazines, I would feel that those amazing healings could never happen to me. I felt that either...

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When you are gearing up for a hiking adventure with your pup, injuries might be the last thing on your mind, but a smart dog owner is always prepared. Pack these emergency medical supplies to prevent a minor mishap from turning into a major disaster.This is the single most important thing to have