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Oregon State's Tim Slama was one of two finalists on Golf Channel's "Driver vs Driver 2," but the $250,000 prize eluded him.

The Salem-Keizer School Board has unanimously approved using eminent domain to acquire St. Edward church land for McNary High School expansion.

The 60-foot-by-120-foot indoor ice rink will feature 90-minute skate sessions, concessions, a full bar and a live DJ on the weekends.

Women and minorities manage under 10% of mutual funds in North America. Girls Who Invest, a non-profit specifically geared toward placing more women in the pipeline, is looking for bright and talented sophomore women from all majors for their 2018 summer intensive program. In the past three years, they have had just under 200 women complete our summer intensive program
The summer intensive program is a…

The Willamette Valley is famous for wine — and a lot of outdoor adventures. Make your perfect pairing this winter.

An Independence man was arrested in Albany after he attempted to buy a vehicle from an auto dealer with five pounds of marijuana.

The most reliable way to distinguish an allergy from a non-allergic condition is a skin or a blood test,

The noble fir that will decorate the West Lawn this holiday season can be seen today at the Oregon State Capitol

November is all about being thankful, and there’s a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful for our feet, which make many wonderful experiences enjoyable, and sometimes even possible: like spending …

When people connect their smartphones and other gadgets to mobile networks, they may see tiny 3G or 4G icons on the displays but lack an understanding of those networks. The G stands for “generation,” so 4G means “fourth generation.” Each…

Air pollution could force us to redesign cities as places where we can walk and cycle, where children play and neighbours meet.

When paired with certain side effects or symptoms, rashes can be indicators of something serious. Here's how to tell if your rash is minor or serious.

Brookdale Senior Living News provides news and perspectives about the senior living company and serves as a resource for reporters as well as informational blogs and news stories geared toward associates, residents and future residents.

83-year-old John Pinter, who has emphysema and uses a cane, walked nearly a mile Tuesday to cast his vote in Cedarburg.

Many forecasts suggest a Chinese recession would be more regionally confined than one in the US. Kenneth Rogoff thinks that could be wishful thinking.

Single-use man-made items like plastic bottles and disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to break down in the ocean. But governments are starting to fight back against global plastic pollution.

There’s something about the winter in Central Oregon. You can’t help but be in a good mood out here in the high desert.

In Harris County, the nation’s third-largest county and home to Houston, the 17 candidates ran for the bench and all won by double-digit margins.

A new type of material known as a geopolymer provides sturdy building blocks, without contributing to climate change.

If you’ve never tried snowshoeing, here are all the reasons to put it on your to-do list this winter.

There is no doubt in my mind that the truth spoken in services held in Churches of Christ, Scientist, is very powerful. In May 2018, while I was serving as First Reader and conducting an evening service in my branch church, my husband received news from our nineteen-year-old...

A surplus of cranberries will result in about 25 percent of the crop being discarded, even spread on fields as fertilizer, to protect growers’ prices.

Thursday, November 8, 2018
NEWPORT, Ore.—Emergency regulations restricting Chinook fishing have helped put Siletz River fall Chinook on a path toward achieving spawning escapement objectives for the basin
Effective Saturday, Nov. 10, the section of the Siletz River from the mouth upstream to the ODFW marker located 1,200 feet above the Ojalla Bridge is open to Chinook angling through Dec. 31. ;The river upstream of the…

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Legislative Process Day 2018 November 16th, 2018 9:30 am – 2 pm Join LWV members from across the state for our Legislative Process Day, Friday, November 16. We have an exciting day lined up: legislators, lobbyists, and of course our own Action Team members. Get a preview of likely legislation in 2019 — in health… Read more