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PORTLAND, Ore. - Mary Peabody won $1,200 playing the Oregon Lottery's Keno game. She took her ticket to The Lucky Spot in Southeast Portland to claim her prize. But any prize over $600 has to be claimed at the Oregon Lottery office in Salem. So Mary left. And in the excitement, she left her unsigned ticket behind. "The next day, when she realized she had left the unsigned ticket at The Lucky Spot, the ticket was nowhere to be found," according to the…

I do this every year, list my favorite 25 VMworld sessions which you definitely should try to attend in person. Or if you are not going, watch online. Most of these sessions are by folks I know, or folks I have seen presenting, or topics which I find interesting for various reasons. Make sure to […]

"The brand called you" is definitely a thing. What are you, as a business leader, doing to build your "you" brand?

ESC Region 11 provides schools a more secure and reliable technology platform to promote learning and teaching with VMware NSX Data Center.

Running against traffic is the number one safety rule for road running, but there is more you can do to protect yourself when running.

Today marks the release of VMware PowerCLI 11.3.0 and this one brings the count up to 732 different cmdlets. The combination of all these cmdlets allow us to manage and automate a majority of the VMware ecosystem! The HCX module receives the bulk of the new cmdlets, however there is also a new cmdlet to …

VMware Presents at Security Field Day 2
Bob Plankers Presents at Security Field Day
VMware outlines its strategy to make security Intrinsic to the infrastructure to help organizations turn the advantage from attackers to defenders. This new security approach focuses on applications more than infrastructure and shrinking the attack surface rather than chasing threats. VMware details a broadening portfolio of software-based solutions spanning data centers, clouds…

Security Field Day 2
June 19–21, 2019
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Served with fried potatoes.
Served on telera bun with coleslaw tomatoes and onion. Served with your choice of side.
Economy Class Lunch Special $5.99
House Salad with a CUP of soup. With the purchase of a beverage. No splits or substitutions, dine-in only.

U.S.-Iranian tensions heightened Thursday when a U.S. Global Hawk spy drone was shot down by Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

The mesmerizing cloud formation, known as Kevin-Helmholtz clouds, looks like waves breaking in the ocean.

Senate bill would have set age restrictions, third party testing and other safety rules for the increasingly popular herb kratom amid health concerns.

SALEM — For the second time this year, Senate Republicans have thrown the legislative session into disarray by refusing to come to work Thursday.

A cattlemen's group is urging Eastern Washington residents to report predator problems to their county sheriff rather than the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, a sign of rancher distrust

The Oregon Legislature has passed a bill to protect farmers and ranchers from liability while fighting dangerous wildfires, such as the 2018 Substation fire in Wasco and Sherman counties.

Take this quiz to see if a website can help grow your business.

To truly experience Oregon’s Adventure Coast from a local’s point of view, you have to get out on the water. There is a range of recreational water activities to choose from this summer on Oregon’s South Coast. Now that multiple companies are renting kayaks and standup paddleboards, it's easier than ever for you to glide along the many lakes, rivers and beaches on Oregon's Adventure Coast
Experience the natural beauty of Oregon’s South Coast like never before by embarking on a Kayaking and/or…

We started Wild Type with a mission to make the most delicious and sustainable fish and meat on the planet. To us, that means creating a…

Synod welcomed 42 new candidates for the office of minister of the Word, including four people who asked to be identified only by their initials.

Rich Duncan Construction broke ground on the future home of Howard Street Charter School on May 28th, 2019. Howard Street Charter School seeks to provide an innovative public education balancing the humanities, language, arts, science, and technology. After 22 years at its current location, Howard Street will be moving to its new downtown location in …

With Botswana decriminalising gay sex, Bhutan taking the first steps to do so, and Ecuador now approving same-sex marriage, there have been many milestones for LGBT+ rights around the world.

Before taking up the Addressing the Abuse of Power report, Synod 2019 paused to receive an overview about power dynamics, and to listen to an interview that illustrated just how much damage abuse can causes within churches.