Travel in Salem, OR

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Why You Should Visit Salem Oregon What To Pack Best Places To Eat Silver Falls State Park Farm Stay Experience Salem's City Riverfront Park

Tucked between the Oregon’s Coast Range on the west and the Cascade Range to the east, Roseburg and the greater Umpqua Valley offer an abundance of outdoor recreation. Visitors can sip world-class wine at the birthplace of Oregon pinot noir; mountain bike through the evergreens along the North Umpqua Trail; catch whitewater thrills on the Wild and Scenic North Umpqua River; and meander the Highway of Waterfalls for a peek at endless cascades.

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I’ll never forget it — and I know he won’t, either. It was a beautiful bluebird day on Mt. Hood’s Lost Lake: Sunshine, barely a breeze, a snowy peak rising into the clear sky and reflecting in the ripples of the lake. My son, Spencer, and I coasted in a kayak along a shadowy drop-off near the shore, a fishing pole gripped in his hands, a line trailing silently behind.

Oregon’s natural beauty is here for everyone. Our rushing waterfalls, verdant hiking trails and scenic viewpoints inspire people of all ages and ability levels. For those with limits to their mobility, we offer the following scenic spots as great options for enjoying the breathtaking splendor of Oregon.