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Want to engage your LinkedIn audience? Find out how the LinkedIn algorithm works and how to make sure your content is shown to as many people as possible.

Vero co-founder Ayman Hariri tried to clear the air with Entrepreneur about some of the backlash Vero has received.

For those unaware, VMware Log Insight, is VMware’s syslog monitoring and alerting platform. It collects and automatically identifies structure in all types of machine-generated log data (appl…

From Nipsey Hussle, to Jay-Z, to Dr. Dre, rappers are showing how they can think bigger than just bars and hooks.

Today the Oregon House voted in favor of SB 1534, which will require the state to provide training to every homecare and personal support worker in Oregon, in addition to creating new minimum training standards.
Hundreds of SEIU members wrote letters, made calls or shared their sto

Create a segment for your site. A segment is a filter or set of filters to narrow Google Analytics metrics down to what you are interested in.

I am not a big PowerCLI user, primary reason being that I don’t even have a Windows box available. My main laptop is a macbook, and I don’t run Windows anywhere. Yesterday PowerCLI 10.0.0 was released, which includes support for OSX! Before you can install PowerCLI of course you would need to have Powershell running, […]

Selecting a migration strategy As a consultant within the NSX PSO practice, one of the conversations that comes up with customers often is how NSX enables migration from a legacy datacentre to an NSX managed datacentre. This was the case with a customer recently who were looking to move out of a datacentre that was

Rich Duncan Construction provides updates on the projects for the last few months, and information about current events throughout the community.

BOARDMAN — Waves topping 6 feet did not deter the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office from rescuing two local men from the Columbia River.Undersheriff John A. Bowles reported the sheriff’s office Saturday at 11:58 a.m. received a 911 transfer call from the Umatilla County Sheriff

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018
Student Scholarship Recognition Day (SSRD) is held each spring to celebrate the exemplary scholarship and creativity of Willamette University students. It is a day for students to share the fruits of their research, to present musical, theatrical, and dance performances, and to display works of art to fellow students, faculty, family, and friends. Regular classes are not held on SSRD as a…

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