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Duluth will soon be home to Minnesota's first children's psychiatric residential treatment facility.With both state and federal governments matching funds put forth by Northwood Children's Services, the facility will be the most intensive mental health care facility in the state.

A genetic counseling session allows for a thorough evaluation of an individual's medical history to create personalized care plan.

Probably a day doesn’t go by that you don’t encounter advertising for dental implants. And for good reason: implants have taken the world of dentistry by storm.Since their inception over thirty years ago, implants have rocketed ahead of more conventional tooth replacements to become the

Kurt Sundeen is a general dentist specializing in dental procedures and services in Saint Paul, MN. Kurt M. Sundeen, DDS is located in Saint Paul, MN.

In recent years, the use of emotional support animals (ESAs) has gained popularity among people living with mental illness, and, to some degree, acceptance from lawmakers in many states, including Minnesota.

I don't remember the first time I pulled out my hair. It's been a habit for so many years, done absent-mindedly while watching TV or typing on my laptop, that tracing it back to the beginning seems impossible. I do remember, though, the first time I …

On your way to a more attractive smile, you’ll have to deal with some inconveniences while wearing braces like avoiding certain foods or habits or dealing with possible embarrassment about your new “metal smile.” But there’s one consequence of wearing braces that could dramat

Without scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on public data about things like race, marital status, your TV consumption and even if you buy plus-size clothing.

An arts showcaseexhibiting sketches, pottery, paintings and other pieces created by Lyngblomsten residents, tenants and community program participants
Make-and-take art activitiesled by the Northern Clay Center, Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota, ART 4 JOY, Wet Paint, Blick Art Materials and the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project of Minnesota
Live music and entertainmentwill be provided by the Minnesota Opera, Zorongo Flamenco, Lakeshore Radio Players, Park Square Theatre, MacPhail Center…

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has taken action to tighten Medicaid payment rules related to independent home care providers. It announced the move in a proposed rule issued…

When you’re among the top players in your field, you need every advantage to help you stay competitive: Not just the best equipment, but anything else that relieves pain and stress, and allows you to play better. For top-seeded Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic, that extra help came in a som

Tamara Simons is a general dentist specializing in dental procedures and services in Roseville, MN. Tamara Simons, DDS is located in Roseville, MN.

It’s been a long road back to oral health for you after periodontal (gum) disease. But after several plaque removal sessions and perhaps even surgical procedures to address deep infection, your gums have regained their healthy pink appearance.But now you must face a hard reality: because you&r

Chris Hayes and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner talk about mass incarceration and the role prosecutors play in the criminal justice system.

Want to know the exact wrong way to pry open a stubborn lid? Just ask Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC-TV’s popular “Tonight Show.” When the 40-year-old funnyman had trouble opening a tube of scar tissue repair gel with his hands, he decided to try using his teeth.
What happened next was

According to recent findings from the CDC, half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis, the more advanced form of periodontal disease

People with missing teeth have more replacement options than ever before, including the ever popular but often more expensive dental implant. But there has also been an expansion of choice on the more affordable side of dental restorations. The flexible removable partial denture (RPD) is one such ch

Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger disorder (AD) or simply Asperger's, is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that is characterized by signific...

A new study shows Americans with opioid addiction are more likely to have been arrested or convicted of a crime, suggesting a need to involve cops, courts and jails in treating addiction.

Oral herpes, caused by herpes simplex virus type 1, is a common infection of the mouth area. Learn about prevention, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

It’s often best health-wise to preserve even the most troubled tooth—including a child’s primary (“baby”) tooth. If that sounds like too much effort for a tooth that lasts only a few years, there’s a big reason why—if it’s lost prematurely, the incomin