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Cooking Back To His Roots
Kyle Jones has a small family starting out and the St. Marys native understands the value of family — both personally and professionally.
And despite the talent he has as a chef, Jones wanted to keep his cooking skills near his hometown, while also reopening a staple in small-town Mendon with a family-oriented feel.
The Kozy Korner has a tastefully-long history in Mendon of feeding locals with delicious homemade food and Jones is continuing that…

The Holy Rosary Festival is ready for another year of fun and games this weekend. In its 47th year, the festival has some new music and entertainment planned, but for the most part are following the idea of if it’s not broken, don’t fix it
New this year, according to chairperson Michelle Miller, is having the main focus of Sunday being a family fun day. This year they have added a petting zoo, face painting and touch-a-truck to Sunday’s festivities to get the…

St. Marys Moves Back To D-III Football
After two years of enjoying football at the Division IV level, St. Marys is back to playing Division III.
The changes stem the school's enrollment, which was released Tuesday by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) as part of its football school division assignments.
St. Marys' enrollment slightly dropped for the 2017-18 school year to bump it down to a Division IV program — the lowest division in the program's history.…

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"What can you tell me about yourself?" and "What are some qualities you want to work on?" are standard interview questions because they work. They get some vital information out...

When job seekers send their resumes to large employers in hopes of landing a job, they should keep in mind that in many cases there are software platforms in place to screen those documents before...

Whether you choose a warm-weather paradise or a ski town that celebrates the winter, Martin Luther King Day weekend is well timed for a midwinter getaway trip.

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